Shower Sex After A Long Hard Day

The sun’s been beating down, the work has been piling up, and finally you get to clock out. Clock out and come home to me. I’ve been waiting for you all day, straightening up the house and looking forward to your arrival. You’re sweaty, hot and that uniform is filthy so you should clean yourself up. But you give me one look and I know exactly what that means shower sex!

It’s a good thing I wasn’t wearing much in the first place, it will all be easy to slip out of. I head straight for the shower and turn the temperature nice and hot like I know you want it. Your naked and ready to jump in and you smack my ass on the way in. I’m grabbing some towels and that shower oil we both love. I pull one string on my robe and it falls to the floor leaving me dressed perfectly for the shower.

The glass from the shower doors is already steaming and I can’t wait any longer!

I step in and notice you washing your back. My hand slides around to your chest as I’m behind you and I let you know I’ve arrived. I grab your scrubbie from you and start washing your back for you. I’m always looking for the next way to please you and take care of you. You turn around and see the water running on my tits. I love that we don’t have to say many words at all yet our communication never stops. I realize I forgot the shower oil on the counter but you waste no time starting to massage my tits and soap them up. My nipple become hard and you suck one into your mouth and begin to nibble on them. My head throws back loving this sensation and you give me one hard bite before you spin my body around and press your cock against me.

You waste no time slapping your cock on my perfect ass until its rock hard. I reach back and grab it and stroke it for you. I told you I love taking care of you Daddy! When I feel you’re harder than ever, you grab my hand and place it on the glass.  I fucking love that we don’t have a shower curtain! I need every bit of support when I take your cock. You’ve claimed you territory as always using my pussy to your greatest pleasure and feeling my walls constrict around your dick. The hot water hasn’t stop running and has made everything all the more soothing. The best way to end the day and start the night with your favorite slut is filling me with your load. Shower sex always hits the spot baby!

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