Shower Sex is Hot; When It’s Golden, It’s so Much Hotter!!!

Shower sex has always been one of my favorite things. Feeling that water running down your back and face while you kiss someone has its’ charm. That warm water running all over his cock as it goes into my pussy is very alluring, to say the least.

What of the golden variety? I used to date this guy and he had a thing for shower sex, just not as I did. One day I went over to his house to have some alone time. Mind you I was still in high school at the time so there was a lot of sneaking around. No, this isn’t exactly a toilet slut type experience, but it’s still pretty exciting!

Laying in bed we started talking about fetishes and things that really got our juices flowing. He told me he really had a thing for golden showers. Still, in bed, we watched a few videos together so I could see what it was all about. I smiled wickedly at him and asked if he wanted to try it.

Returning my playful smile he nodded and we went into the shower.

It started like most shower sex I’ve had with guys (looking back on it now). He knelt and laid in the bathtub; his legs between mine. I put my hands on the rim of the tub so I could lean over him, my tits dangling over his face.

The warm water at the bottom of the tub turned from clear to a golden yellow as I let the contents of my bladder fall onto his cock. As I watched his cock started to grow. Watching how excited he was getting made my pussy lips swell.

The sex we had in that shower was some of the hottest sex ever. Or, should I say, some of the warmest sex? Since then I’ve had more fun with this golden shower fetish. Want to know more?

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