Shower sex after getting really dirty

There is nothing better after a real dirty fuck session than a nice hot shower.  I take that back.  Add a man willing to wash and worship every inch of your body making all your achy muscles and swollen, throbbing pussy relax is the best!  mmm Shower Sex at it’s best. Turn the water on as hot as you can stand it and we step in the shower.  Help me get all wet.  I know, you do that so well!

When my hair is saturated get the shampoo and work it into my hair, massaging my scalp, helping me relax from the head down.  My head tilted back, oh that feels so good.  Once I am all lathered up rinse the shampoo out.  Watch as it cascades down my body, off my breasts and disappears between my legs then trickles down my legs.  Oh but behind me you see if making its way down my back to my ass.  The soap finds its way in my ass cheeks. you want to touch that ass, don’t you?  Get the sponge and later it up with body wash and begin to scrub my so soft.  Start at my neck as my head is tilted back.  You see a clean spot.  You have to take advantage of it and kiss it adding a soft little suck.  move down to my breasts and work one with the sponge and the other with your hand.  Massaging and caressing them.  As the soap washes of you take a nipple in your mouth sucking and nibbling on it.  Your hands go to my stomach.  You can feel how soft the skin is there as you wrap your arms around to my back pulling me toward you by my ass.  you turn me around and I wiggle just enough to where your dick moves into my ass crack.  you add soap on it and rub it up and down making sure it is clean.  You hands slide between my legs.  You feel how swollen I am from our very dirty fuck we just had.  You gently rub between my lips paying close attention to make sure the soap cleans it well.  You drop to your knees and turn me around where I’m facing you again and work the later down each sexy leg.  Moving your hands up and down them several times.  When you get to my feet you take your time massaging each one for a bit.

You make your way back up my body then it is my turn.  Call me and I can tell you just how nice I will scrub you and fuck you during shower sex! Teen Phone Sex!