My Trip to the Gym Turned in to Kinky Shower Fun

I was on my way to the shower at my gym. I was so sweaty and my heart was pounding. I’d just finished a vigorous 5 mile run on the treadmill and I couldn’t wait to wash up. I stripped down and tossed my clothes on the bench, striding comfortably naked to the shower room. I turned on the water and sighed as the warm water cascaded over my tight little body. Suddenly I felt a hand grasping my perky little breast and I gasped and jumped back, startled. I felt a naked, wet body pressed against my back and a tall slender red headed woman with too-large breasts for her small frame. I moved and behind me was a tall brunette, with endless curves.

“What are you doing?!” I demanded. They didn’t bother responding as they each grabbed one of my hands and pressed them against the shower wall with one of theirs, grabbing my waist with their other hand and pressing my back into the cold, damp shower wall. The redhead released my waist and grabbed my face, kissing me hard and thrusting her warm, wet tongue past my soft lips. I gasped in surprise as she kissed my neck, biting it softly.

Shocked in the shower

“Please…What are you doing? Stop…” I begged, but they weren’t listening.

The Brunette leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth and I gasped again. The Redhead slid her hand down my chest and between my legs.

“You like this, don’t you, you dirty little slut!”

“No!” I whimpered.

“Then why is that tight little cunt of yours so wet?” She asked. I blushed and she laughed at me, and so did Brunette. Redhead started sliding one finger in and out of me slowly, soon sliding in a second finger. I gasped and tried to wiggle away, but Brunette had a tight hold on me. Redhead fingered me faster, pounding my wet pussy and you could hear the sound of her hand slapping against my cunt over the running shower. I moaned as Brunette continued to suck each nipple in turn and Redhead kept fucking me. I started moaning louder and screamed as I came hard all over Redhead’s hand. They both giggled as I slumped against the shower wall, and I watched as both of them walked away, leaving me stunned and confused.


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