Show Me Your Panties

I just had a call with one of my favorite little sissy sluts.  He always puts on such a sexy little show for me.  He’s not the type to get into the humiliation aspect of being a sissy, no, he owns his panties like a common whore.  I can see the confidence in his eyes as he slowly dresses up for me.  He doesn’t show an ounce of  embarrassment, just pure delight.  There is something to be said for a sissy who takes pride in himself.

He always starts off his shows nude and slips into his sissy wear during our call.   Tonight he seductively slipped into a pair of white mesh panties with pink trim, a matching white mesh and pink bra, and bubble gum pink lip gloss.  He was feeling really naughty for me as he pinched his hard nipples through his bra.  I watched his clitty get harder and harder until it was pushing through the white mesh of his panties.

He always has a flesh toned eight inch dildo on hand for my enjoyment.  I had him suction cup it to the wall and get on his knees.  With his freshly glossed cock sucking lips ready, he began to suck.  What a good little cock sucker!  He took every inch down his throat like a real pro.  He knows I like is to make it nice and wet.

I wouldn’t want him dry fuck his man pussy.

He gets off his knees and bends down.  His tight ass hole was more than ready for a good fucking.  He backed his ass up on that cock and moaned as he slid it inside.  I directed him to pound that pussy harder and faster like he was fucking my cock.

“Fuck me, Jamie! Fuck my tight pussy!” He cried as he rubbed his clitty.

“That’s it, baby.  Take this cock like you fucking love it!” I said just as he shot his load into his hand.  My little cum slut lapped up every last drop like a hungry kitten licking up cream.

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