A Quick Short Sex Stories Teaser to Sweeten Your Lunch Break!

Short sex stories are so sweet!  One hot summer I decided to go on a vacation to our parent’s house by the beach.  The summer before me was anticipated to be warm and muggy.  On some days I would walk along the beach in a sexy bikini.  Other times I would go work out at the gym in the early mornings.  In the day I would enjoy relaxing by our pool under the cozy shade of an umbrella.  The days were peaceful, and the weather was enjoyable.

On one of my mornings while at the gym, I noticed a scrawny guy looking at me.  He was very small, not the kind of man I would ever imagine myself with.  I could feel his eyes upon me while I worked out.  His longing stare seemed to undress me from head to toe.  It was a bit creepy, but he never attempted to talk to me.  This was fine by me.

After working out for an hour on the day in question, I went to take a shower.  I stripped off my yoga pants, pink sports bra, panties, socks, and running shoes.  It was a relief to step out of my shoes.  My feet could finally get some air.  The smell of my scent was very noticeable.  The shower felt amazing.  I let the water run over my aching muscles as I shampooed my long blonde hair and washed my body thoroughly.  I sighed as the water hit my sensitive nipples, running down my belly, across my pussy lips, and down my long legs.

While I was in the shower, I heard a noise in the locker room, but I decided to ignore it.

Finishing, I sighed with satisfaction.  I toweled dry and stepped out of the shower.  My mouth dropped as the same man that was staring at me for so long came into view.  He was on the ground on his knees with his nose in my running shoes.  He was inhaling the scent deeply and rubbing himself through his clothes.  My emotions flipped from interested, to aroused, to angry.  How dare he touch my things.

The scrawny man looked up in surprise.  Frowning, I advanced with my hand out to take my shoe.  Did I even want them anymore?  A thought came to me!  I ordered him to stand up and take down his pants or I would get security at once.  He obeyed as he did not want to get in trouble.  He pleaded and whined to have mercy.  I heard a motto that once stated, “Let the punishment fit the crime.”  In this case, let the shoe fit the punishment.

As he removed his pants, I saw a pair of blue panties on him.  I started laughing, unable to hold back my disbelief.  I ordered him to stroke himself through those panties like a sissy boy.  He obeyed but kept sniffing my shoes.  He inhaled them like a fine perfume.  The man was becoming very excited as he rubbed himself furiously.

I promised to keep this a short sex stories blog!  Find out what happened next..  I’m waiting for you, baby.  Let’s get really dirty with the ultimate taboo phone sex!

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