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 Short Sex Stories – MILF Put On A Show For The Man At The Window

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I know you are out there. Every night I see your shadow as you slide up to the window watching, lurking, waiting to see me disrobe.

Tonight I am in a generous mood and, because I am also feeling horny, I decide it is time to put on a show just for you.

I dress up in my sexiest lingerie; garter, stockings, thong and lace bra that barely covers my DD tits.

Climbing on the bed, facing the window, I recline on my pillows. Spreading my legs apart, while pulling them up feet flat on the bed, exposing my wet pussy, I slide my hand down and start to finger myself.

With my free hand, I begin to pull, pinch and roll my nipples through the lace of the bra. I need to feel my fingers on them and pull them out of the cups. Picking up my big tit, I tilt my head down and begin to suck on my left nipple until it is rock hard, and I gently bite down.

I take my fingers, now coated with pussy juice, and bring them to my mouth; sensually licking each one off. When I return them, I am hot, and as my index finger slides in I moan, and my hips gently rock up and down.

A Short Sex Story, I don’t want to end your special show quite yet.

 I pull my fingers off my pussy and reach for the big black cock waiting in the nightstand drawer. Getting on my hands and knees, my ass to the window and my big beautiful tits hanging down, I spread my legs.   Even from where you are standing you can see the juices glistening.  I take my BBC and slid it into my moaning loudly with pleasure while rubbing my nipples against the rough fabric of the quilt.

As I begin fucking myself harder and harder with that beautiful big black cock, I look over and see you have moved to stand directly in front of the window and have your camera phone in one hand and your hard cock in the other.

You are stroking your cock harder and faster, and I fuck myself harder and faster. Then your cock expands, and you shoot hot cum onto the grass just as I explode into a mind shattering orgasm.

After coming down for the massive orgasm I pull the cock out of my pussy.  I bring the cock to my mouth and lick it clean of all my sweet juice. Then I walk to the window and look out seeing only trees and grass.
You are gone, but I know you will be back. Smiling to myself, I close the curtains, turn off the lights, and go to bed.

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