My Trip To The Mall Turned Into Naughty Shoplifting Blackmail Sex.

It’s your fault, of course, that I had shoplifting blackmail sex at the mall today daddy!  I asked you for money to buy a pretty outfit for the party this weekend remember? Why is it such a big deal to buy stuff for me now that I’m a little older? You won’t let me have a boyfriend to spoil me and buy me things so what else was I supposed to do? There is no way that I’m going to the hottest party around wearing an outfit that I’ve already been seen in!

Sit back in your recliner daddy and I’ll tell you exactly what happened during all the shoplifting blackmail sex today. I’m looking for the prettiest, sexiest party dress ever! It has to show off every inch of my tight teen body to perfection! This store is so expensive, how can I ever afford to even buy a pair of panties here? Daddy won’t give me money so I’m figuring this out on my own then! Ooh this outfit is perfect! It looks like I poured it right onto my body, I bet I can put my regular clothes right over the top and sneak out.

No one even notices that I’m walking out with a whole outfit on my body! Don’t be suspicious, smile and wriggle my butt on the way out of the door. Everything seems to be going perfectly but then I feel strong hands grab me by the waist and pull me back into the store. Suddenly your warm breath puffs into my ear saying to follow you and not cause a scene or you’re calling the cops! Umm, why are we in the security room right now? Camera screens are everywhere! Don’t pat me down because it’s so embarrassing!

Are You Feeling Me Up Or Searching For Merch?

You spend lots of time in the gym, its obvious. It totally shows, look at your big strong muscles! My turn to pat you down now! It’s only fair don’t you think? Oh wait, you’re not joking around. This is really turning into shoplifting blackmail sex, isn’t it? Ok, no need to reach for the phone, I’ll do whatever you want just please don’t call the cops. My parents will ground me for life if I get arrested for shoplifting! Of course, I’ll be a good obedient girl for you, I promise!

Is this how you want me bent over? My hands are against the desk and my legs spread wide. Did you just cut my panties off my bald pussy? I know I shouldn’t admit this, but that just made me all wet and tingly between my legs! Your cock feels so hard pressing against me like this. The sound of your belt buckle and zipper are so loud, they’re driving me crazy with anticipation! When are you gonna give me that big hard cock during our hot shoplifting blackmail sex?

Do I look like a tight teen exhibitionist bent over like this? Oh my god! You’re shoving your big dick right up my tight asshole! That was not part of the deal. Ouch! It hurts, please take it out. You’re making me cry and it feels like you’re ripping my little ass right in two!

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