I know what my boyfriend likes, and it’s my heels.

We were watching TV and talking about what a wonderful evening we had. I was wearing my 5-inch black heels, a black skirt, and a white low cut top.

It was getting late, Slipping my heels off I stretched my legs across his lap. He smiled. He began gently rubbing my smooth silky legs while we continued watching TV.

His fingertips gliding across my legs, running up my thighs. I spread my legs just enough to let him know that I wanted what he did. I placed my foot on his cock, rubbing his cock over his jeans. Feeling his growing hardness underneath against my foot. He unzipped his pants, releasing his hard cock. I continued rubbing him with my foot, putting pressure on it, the ball of my foot on his balls.

I whispered. “Get my heels.” He kind of giggled, reaching down to pick up my shoes from the floor. He slipped one on my foot and kept the other one in his hand. He held the black heel in his hand and began stroking his cock with it. I started to play with his balls with my other heel. Quickly slipping off my panties and laying back on the sofa. I spread my legs wide for him to see. I watched him stroke his cock with my shoe faster and faster. His breath was fast and swallow. I continued putting pressure and playing on his balls while I had my other shoe on.

He’s stroking his cock faster, my heel hanging off his erect cock.

He rubbed his precum on the tip of my black heel. Rubbing it into the shoe with the tip of his cock. Bringing my shoe up to his face, he takes a deep breath and smells my shoe. He licks the outside of my shoe, all the while my other foot is rubbing his cock. “I wanna cum in your shoe.” he utters.

I smiled, “You can do it.”

“Are you sure? Because I really want to..”

“Go ahead. Blow that load in my heel.”

He put the shoe back on his now throbbing, leaking cock and stroked it. He was thrusting his cock into my shoe faster & faster. I heard him take a deep breath, watched his body tighten up. I laid my feet next to his cock. He squirts his hot jizz into my shoe and on my feet. He looked at me as if to ask if he should put the cum-filled heel on my foot. I looked at him and smiled. He slipped it on my foot. I felt the warm cum squish between my toes.

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