My dirty panty slut is always trying to out do himself on every call. This time he put on every pair of pretty panties that he has ever owned and took a picture for me.  Doesn’t he look sweet?  Tee hee.


 Whenever he calls me he always makes sure he has a full bladder.  He very good at coming up with creative ways to make a huge mess for me. *giggles* He definitely did not disappoint, he put on quite the show!  This time my dirty boy  pissed in a bowl, soaked a pair of MY panties that I gave him in it ,than proceeded to slosh my pissed soaked panties all over his body than finally dumps the rest on his numerous pretty panties.  Squish , squash. …giggles*  See my little slut will do anything to make me smile!    ~Wicked Grin~ 

He also knows how I love when he stuffs his ass full with a frozen banana.  Whoa, that shits cold he says  but it melts rather quickly in his hot ass!  Tee hee.  That’s when the ice cubes cum in, he pops those suckers right up his banana stuffed ass!  His asshole just drips indicating it’s now ready for a nice stiff vibrator set on HIGH!  Banana ass shake anyone?! Hahaha!  

Now its time for him to fuck that squishy melon that he hollowed out and warmed up in the microwave.  Mmmm….Nice, warm and wet.  The perfect thing to slide over his dripping aching dick.  Holding that melon he pumps away. Yes!  Fuck that juicy melon you naughty boy! HAHAHA!   


For the grand finale this sexy panty slut loves to surprise me with how he is going to eat his cum for me and this time I thought what he did was absolutely delicious.  As he fucked the shit out of that juicy melon and that cock of his is ready to blow he came all over a chocolate covered doughnut adding his own sticky glaze to make it the perfect treat!
Mmm Mmm… good!