She’s Got A Dick

Over the weekend I went to a barbecue.  I had a wonderful time.  I met this lovely woman who was absolutely beautiful and carried her age well.  She had long dark hair, bright beautiful blue eyes, and gorgeous dark skin!  Between her beautiful face, rocking body, and one hell of a personality I wanted to take her home so bad and do the naughtiest shit to her! But I was about to find out she has a dick!

I literally clung to her hip the whole night.  I couldn’t help myself.  She literally was the life of the fucking party!  Not to mention when she was out dancing by the fire she made me snatch ache for just a little lick of her tongue.  The way she moved her body so gracefully.  It was like watching this latina angel dance for any and all the Gods out there.

Breaking my focus from her luscious body some asshole decided to come over and spill his beer all over me.  Then he wouldn’t even let me get to the bathroom to clean myself up. I literally had to be like “look, dude,  move out-of-the-way I need to get cleaned up!”  I noticed that Veronica(my latin girl crush) had disappeared.

As I was in the bathroom drying off.  I heard these moans and grunts coming from upstairs.   I decided to follow the noise of love-making.  When I peeked through the crack of the door.  I could not believe my eyes.  Veronica had a fucking dick.

 She was slamming her rock hard dick in the host of the parties ass!

She had his ass split wide the fuck open and was just pounding away at it.  Jerking his cock so hard it was smoking! I found myself extremely turned on by watching.  I let my fingers linger to my pussy as I started rubbing my clit.   Sticking them in and out of my wet fuck hole.  Licking my juice off them.  Watching her dominate him made my pussy cream. Not just once but three times.  I thought I was done with two times.  Until she shot her load all over his dick and then sucked it off!

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