Sheer Pantyhose Fetish

Sheer pantyhose are win every time. I have learned we all secretly have a pantyhose fetish it’s the feel, the touch and the look we can’t get enough of. Some guys pantyhose fetish goes a little further where they enjoy wearing them also. Many men call me wearing them while they are masturbating. I love these men because I understand the love for pantyhose. We’ll trade secrets and have so much in fun our pantyhose together. They’ll grab a pair of theirs and easily roll them up their leg but the moment they get above the ankles the torture begins. I love listening to how turned on they get from the sheer against their skin. Pantyhose are sexy and everyone should love them no matter if it’s your girlfriend wearing them or you.

When I wear mine I always notice someone looking but after their first feel I can’t keep their hands off. I think they compliment a woman’s legs adding definition which can make her so sexy. Once you feel that silky smooth touch you want to feel it again but wait until you let a woman tease you in pantyhose. It’s sensual but it’s arousing in so many ways. I love the attention mine get me I can’t keep my mans hands off me. I’ll smack his hand away but that doesn’t stop him he’ll just keep trying. When I notice how bad he wants me I’ll begin to tease him. I’ll slide my hands inside my pantyhose and play with myself while he watches. He’s not allowed to touch but because I don’t wear panties underneath my pantyhose he can see little wet spots in the crotch.

Sheer pantyhose and feet are my mans weakness and I use it to tease him very often. After his cock is exposed I’ll use my feet to continue teasing him. He loves it when I give him a foot job while wearing pantyhose. I can feel throb between my feet while using them to jerk him off. My favorite part is straddling him and teasing him because it drives him crazy to have that thin layer of sheer between us. After I tease him he knows it’s his turn to please me. My man will even lick my pussy through my pantyhose but for me it’s a really big tease. I can satisfy your fetish needs. Call me and lets have some fun of our own. Pantyhose phone sex is the best!