Sexy Barber at your service,  Get comfortable!

Can you hear the straight razor being sharpened?

Have you ever had a sexy barber give you a shave and a haircut? I’ve been told it’s an experience you and your cock will never forget. From the minute you seat yourself in the barber chair until the end of the ride and you have to stand up and pay this sexy barber. Just the way she runs her fingers through your hair while she washes it, to the way she squeezes your cock with her pussy during the ride.

You watch her sharpen the straight razor in her very tight black pants. The very pretty high heels. The tight white t-shirt revealing a black leather bra poking out here and there.
She cuts your hair first then gets your face ready to shave. The warm towel, the creamy shaving cream, and the sharp blade. After the shave, she puts after shave in her hands.

Rubs your face giving you the tingle from your face all the way to your cock.

Bending down, she kisses you while she slips her pants down, stepping out of her shoes and taking off her pants. Then she takes her panties off and sticks them in your mouth. She then opens your pants and takes your cock into her hands. Bringing her mouth to your cock and giving you a blow job you’ll never forget. Watch her as she climbs into your lap and runs her pussy along with your cock raising herself just enough to let your hard cock enter her wet pussy. Let the ride begin, feel her going up and down, feel her squeezing your cock with that tight pussy of hers. Riding you until both of you climax with delight. You can’t believe your luck, you almost feel like you’re in a dream. And you know that the Sexy Barber has just become your regular weekly barber.

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