Shave Me Bare, Then Give It To Me ROUGH!

Shave me bare, then give it to me rough, is just how I like it! There are so many ways to be intimate with someone, while making them yours: touch, words, actions. Robert’s favorite thing to do with a woman is to gently shave her pussy, making it smooth only for him, then do whatever he likes to it. I always keep my pussy bare, but for him, I skipped shaving for a bit, so I could give him what he wanted…exactly what he wanted.

We took our clothes off in the bathroom and he started running the water, making it nice and warm for me. We then got in the tub and turned the shower on, getting ourselves all wet. He squirted some shower gel on his hands and lathered it up, spreading it over my pussy. I felt a shiver go through me, as he picked up the razor and carefully moved it over me. I felt a gentle tugging at the hair was shaved off and he moved onto the next patch. He was careful, to spread my legs and lips, as to not miss a single hair, grazing my clit and he loved about.

When he had gotten it all, he cupped his hands under the water catching some and poured it on me, washing the soap off me.

He then lathered up some more soap and gave my pussy one last go over to make sure I was as hairless as possible. He grabbed a face cloth, wet it and used it to wipe me clean. Then he washed the last bit of the soap off me, then ran his hand over my new smoothness. His thumb brushed me lightly and slipped along my outer lips, then into my inner pussy. I leaned against the wall and pushed my hips forward, wanting him, panting for him and damn near begging him to enter me.

I parted my legs, cupped my smooth pussy and pushed a finger inside me. He moved it in and out of me and I pushed my hips down, rubbing my pussy on him. I reached down and stroked his dick. He moaned and took his finger out, so I could guide him right into my gash. He pushed in, my walls stretched around him and he went in deep. His fingers slid over my wet hips, as he began thrusting in and out of me. My back squeaked against the tiles as he fucked me hard and I wrapped one leg around him and held him close. He moved harder and my back hit hard against the tiles, as he grunted on my neck.

I rocked my hips, his dick sliding in me as I got closer to cumming.

His fingers slipped over me as I started to tense up and I threw my head back, water sprayed my face, while I came. He kept fucking me and I started to feel another one cumming, as he pounded my pussy. He pushed me against the wall, leaning on me as he started to drill me. His body pressed so hard, it was almost hard to breathe and water dripped into my mouth as strands of wet hair fell into my eyes, but I didn’t care he was fucking me good and I loved it, every single minute of it!

I couldn’t wait to feel his load spew into my now sopping wet cunt!! Tell me, just how hard would you fuck me, if given the chance… and collect those free phone sex minutes!

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