5738192-meet-your-strapon-pegging-mistress-on-pegginglovers-comMy mind has been spinning all week long thinking about what happened last Friday night. I had complete and total control over my ex boyfriend and his younger brother. Every time my mind wonders back to that night my pussy starts to ache for a hard cock. I don’t know if it was because of the control that I had or the fact that my pussy makes grown men into cum dumpsters..
My roommate Steff  is coming home from a week at her parents house tonight. With my mind racing and as horny as I am I think I will surprise her with some new toys. I know she will be bat shit crazy to get laid. See Steff and I are just like dudes when it comes to sex. We want to get our shit off often.
I grabbed the newest in strap-on cocks so I could fuck Steff and get fucked at the same time. It is a doubled sided dildo shaped almost like a question mark. The hooked end will fit perfectly in my pussy while I slam the other end into Steffs wet pussy. No harness to get in the way just our naked bodies.
I rush home expecting a great big hug and wet kiss, but instead I run into Steff coming out the front door in a hurry. Apparently one of the other managers from Steffs job was not able to make it in, so they called her in a panic. Steff being the way she is agreed to cover the shift. She told me she had a surprise for me but she would call me in a few. I waived the bag with the double sided dildo and told her that I bet my surprise was better.
I walked into the house and found Steffs bags thrown every where. She must have gotten the call before she could even unpack.
Heading down the hallway towards my room I am greeted by noises and shuffling coming from my room. As I get closer I
realize that some one is in my room. Peeking around the corner I recognize Steffs brother Shawn, this must be the surprise Steff was talking about. The real surprise was that he was wearing a pair of my lace booty shorts and thigh high stockings with a garter. He was down on all fours wiggling his ass in my full length mirror. This was disturbing but so fucking hot at the same time. Shawn was a little faggot cross-dresser.  My pussy was gushing with wetness.
I gained my composure and slowly backed down the hall way so he did not see me. The shit that was running through my mind was fucking insane. What I did next was even crazier. I stripped down to nothing, reached in the bag and pulled out the double sided dildo. My pussy was so fucking wet that the hook part slid right into my pussy and fit like OJ and the glove. I grabbed my phone just incase Shawn need a little  persuasion. I slowly walked back towards my room with my cock in one hand and my phone camera in the other. When I reached the room Shawn was laying with his shoulders and head on the floor, his back was propped against the bed. His cock was only a few inch’s  from his mouth. He was trying to suck his own dick. This was fucking great.
I snapped a few pictures before he realized what was going on. While he was still in shock I dropped down on my knees with one leg on each side of his head. My fake cock was swinging from my pussy and pressing right against his mouth. I guess he either he realized that he was not going to get out of this or it was his golden chance. He started to suck the dildo for all it was worth. Taking it deep in his throat like a pro cock sucker. Getting so fucking worked up feeling the hook part rubbing against my clit sent me over the edge. I grabbed for his cock through the lace panties. I pulled his throbbing cock free and sucked it like it was the last cock on earth. After about 5 minutes Shawn started to stiffen up and I knew he was about to explode. Not wanting to ruin his fantasy I stood up and continued to stroke his cock while rubbing his panty covered ass. Shawn realized that his cock was about to explode all over his face and mouth. That was to much excitement for him. He opened his mouth and shot after shot of cum flew into his waiting mouth. What a hungry little cum whore he was taking every drop.
After I milked his cock for every drop he laid there basking I. The feeling of being a cock whore. I ordered him to stand up and face the bed. With out hesitation he did.
NOW THE FUN STARTS…. To find out more call me, maybe I will let you listen to me pound his little faggot ass….