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I was taught to share my toys.  Even though the toys are somewhat different, I’m generous and still love sharing.  Other than the tip of my finger, you’ve never wanted me to use a toy on you.  Tonight, I want to fully take your anal virginity.  I want you to cum as I fuck your ass with a dildo.

You stand at the edge of the bed stroking your cock slowly.  Wet and naked, I stretch out on the bed and motion for you to come to me.  You cover your body with mine and then feel my teeth on your neck.  As I nibble on your hot skin, your cock twitches against my pussy.  Whispering softly into your ear, I tell you I want you to submit to me.

You roll onto your back and I run my fingertips down your chest and stomach. I tell you to relax and lift your ass for me.  After sliding a pillow under you, I begin stroking your hard shaft with one hand and move the other underneath your balls.  I extend my finger and begin massaging the lube around your asshole.

Before you can protest, I wrap my lips around your hard-on and slowly take your entire length in my mouth.

As I bob my head up and down, I push my well-lubed fingertip farther into your asshole.  After working it in and out of you for a short amount of time, I stop sucking your cock and coat the small vibrator with lube.  Resuming my cock sucking, I position the now-quiet vibrator at your asshole and cautiously slide it into you.

I work the full six inches into your hole and turn it on.  You feel the vibration against your prostate and loudly moan; immediately, I taste your pre-cum on my tongue.

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