Share My Favorite Red Panties!

Come on, you know you want to. I see you eyeing me everytime I slide them off and throw them in the hamper. They’re so shiny and fit my body perfectly, I wonder what my red panties look like on you. I know you’re not petite like me but your cock is small enough to fit perfectly into them, balls and everything.

One of the reasons you turn me on so much is your kinky and experimental side. I can sense your curiosity as my finger hooks them below my knee. And don’t forget, I have caught you smelling them and wrapping them around your dick. Did you like that little wet spot I left for you baby? I was rubbing myself against the corner of the sink wearing them while I waited for you to come home. That was the night I blindfolded you and whipped you while you modeled my favorite pair of heels.

Fuck I love it when I make you my little sex toy.

I know you want to know how these red panties will look on your body and not just wrapped around my favorite toy of all! Come on just slide them on you curious thing. Ooooh perfect fit! Look how they squeeze your member to your balls, and baby your ass looks great! SPANK! Feel good? Now be my good little bitch and walk around in them! That’s it…bend over and touch your toes mmmm, look how tight! Now get down on your knees and crawl to me.
I want to tease you by running my finger all the way around the waist band. You feel me graze your cock but I pay no attention to it. The only thing I’m focused on is my panty loving little sissy experimenting like the kinky boy I want! Now take your cock out to the side and let me see you rub it on the material, oh yes, look at that pre-cum dripping onto them. Here let me help and give that a nice tight squeeze ooooh yes, more?! More? NO!

You feel pleasure only when I tell you!

You see usually you get to make me the slut you’ve always fantasized about but tonight, the way you look in my red panties and nothing else, is fucking where it’s at right now! How can you you be that dominant Sir I crave every so often with those riding up your ass crack. Judging by the way your balls tighten every time I shove my finger in your mouth, you can’t get enough. And you’re so hot when you gag!
Don’t you dare take those off, I want you to cum in them. Cum for me on your hands and knees, taking my spanks and slaps, letting me tighten those panties further and further. Come on let my hand slip under the fabric and grab the tip. I grasp firmly and sloooooowly pump my hand. Cum on little cock boy beg me….BEG ME LOUDER! Hmmm….looks like another night you don’t get to cum…but guess who’ll get woken up with a blow job? You baby. But these red panties better still be on.

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