Share erotic stories: bend the limits of your imagination.

I love to share erotic stories. It is absolutely incredible, the surreal and sensual fantasies that can arise inside a depraved mind. Or perhaps just a mind with a voracious sexual appetite, and a need to release that energy; a need for an outlet. I totally get off on getting literary and deeply improvisational. I’m often told that I’m quick witted, with an insatiable drive toward creative endeavors, and prolific imagination. One of my greatest joys as a phone sex operator is hearing the fantastical and wild stories that my callers have to share. I love when guys share erotic stories. It is also exciting when we craft the story together.

There are such satisfaction and joy in co-creating a gripping narrative.

As an attentive audience and witness to your most imaginative erotica, I just love to lay back and listen.  Show me the inner workings of your mind, and the heart of your desire. I always have the right probing questions to ask, not to mention arousing encouragement and sexual commentary. Some of your stories take place on this plane of existence: extremely exciting events under mundane circumstances. Though, often times, when I hear men share erotic stories, they take on a different form.

Frequently, these narratives verge into the realm of magical realism, immersing me into a mind-bending and delicious world where things aren’t always predictable, or as they appear at first glance.

I love erotica that seamlessly that blends reality and fantasy, where it is difficult to tease the two apart. Such stories leave me questioning what is truly grounded in some semblance of reality, and what is simply the product of a sexually charged, hungry, and expansive imagination. I also genuinely enjoy and get off on the enthusiasm with which the stories are shared. You can quell that creative edge, and share erotic stories with me.

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine!

I also absolutely love when my callers give me prompts.  It is a joy to craft a story on the fly.  I love the act of intricate weaving and drawing from real life experiences or real fantasies that I’ve had in the past. And as much fun as total fantasy can be, I love to share erotic stories from real life as well.

Let me take you on a riveting adventure of OUR creation. I’m eager to share sex stories of all variety.

For example, I have several colors who draw a lot of inspiration and much of their sexual fodder from comic books and cartoons. We use the loose framework of characters or images to craft our very own detailed narrative full of surprises and sexual gratification. We share erotic stories that reminiscent of what you might find at comic con, or else in the furthest reaches of your wet dreams.

Sometimes, it’s really just a matter of a meticulously detailed role-play.

Be it inside of a highly guarded military compound, in a secret underground dungeon, or out in a beautiful landscape, where when doesn’t matter to me, I’m excited about the challenge. Kidnapping is a personal favorite of mine, perhaps I’ll write about it next week, stay tuned 😉

Maybe science fiction is your thing.

Perhaps you just want to be pegged by a naughty XXXtra terrestrial,  be controlled by a sadistic cyborg,  or simply suck some big demon cock. We all know you naughty boys like to suck big cock 😉  Prove me right.

Call on me, whatever the flavor of your fantasy, and trust me, they are quite varied.  Stories range from vanilla erotica to extremely dark and detailed erotica to just straight up bizarre and interesting.

Allow me to be your inspiration, your muse. Together, we can extract those deep seeded sexual desires from your subconscious, unconscious mind.

What truly primordial truths rest at the core of your innermost being? With a little bit of coaxing, we can find out. Though many of you don’t require coaxing. You share sex stories freely. You are bursting with stories, just waiting to be let out. We’ve all got a great American (or Canadian) author inside of us somewhere. Now is your chance to shine. Shine for me. Share sex stories with me in this week’s episode of hot phone sex.


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