Shake it up!

Many of you already know phone sex is a great way to shake up a boring, routine sex life.  From new positions to new places, sex never has to be boring or routine.  Let’s both take on a new identify and break out of our naughty little comfort zone.  Which role do you want to play?

  • The patient and the doctor:  I definitely fantasize about my doctor having his way with me!  You could be my doctor, or I could be yours.
  • The inmate and the prison guard:  I’ve been a bad girl but I’ll do anything for an extra phone call.  What would you do?
  • The hostage and the captor:  If you were being held hostage, what would you offer your captor to let you go?  What would you demand to let me go?
  • The lawbreaker and the police officer:  You can’t seem to keep yourself from speeding.  How would you talk your way out of a ticket, or what would you want to let me off without a citation?
  • The secretary and the boss:  Need your hot secretary to take some dictation under your desk?  Maybe you should be my secretary and put your dictation between my legs?
  • The hotel maid and the guest:  I’m wearing my maid outfit, and knock on your door and say “Housekeeping.”  Instead of turning me away, you invite me in to make you sheets extra dirty.
  • The hitchhiker on the side of the road:  You’re an escaped convict hitchhiking out of town and I’m a good Samaritan who stops to give you a ride.  How far will you want me to drive you?

Shake Up the Neighborhood!

If you want to keep it a little closer to home, how about

  • The naughty neighbor.  My husband’s gone, your wife’s gone.  Maybe we should give each other what they’re not giving us?
  • The stranger you meet in the bar.  We’ve had a couple drinks and our inhibitions are gone.  Should we fuck in the men’s bathroom or take it outside to a dark alley?
  • A home invasion.  Whether I’m alone or my husband is here, we’ve got something you’re going to break in and take!

So whichever identity you choose, I’m definitely ready and willing to shake things up with you and explore new fantasies.  Are you ready?

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