My mother always told me not to play with my food. But if we weren’t meant to “play” with it why do so many foods resemble cocks? I mean all through my childhood, deep throating popsicles and biting a hotdog nearly in half competing with your friends. It’s practically a young girl’s tool for perfecting a blowjob. I always liked to play with my food, especially my popsicles! Licking the entire length of the frozen erection… Being sure not to miss a single drop and those moments when you want to get all the different flavors..

Deep into the back of my mouth just barely leaving me not gagging.

But the flavor explosion and joy I had from something like that being in my mouth! I couldn’t believe that this kind of pleasure was available almost anytime I wanted. Even eating healthy foods, I learned which ones I liked to play with and which ones I didn’t even want to touch. As far as vegetables go cucumbers are always a fun food. As a child, I tasted it in slices and when I got a little older my dick-shaped food obsession got worse… I didn’t want to just eat that cucumber, I wanted to fuck it and taste my cum all over it. I had never wanted to get home from the grocery store so quickly!!! So I was excited for this experience and the pleasure…

Sneaking the cucumber up to my room, because lets be honest.. this is not something I want to talk to my mother about! I felt my little pussy get tight and excited as I began stroking this massive cucumber. I had some lube that I found in my mother’s bathroom and lathered the cucumber.. first teasing myself by gently sliding the cucumber over my clit and down my lips… dripping.

And I never imagined food could turn me on and make me so horny.

I cannot believe my mom wouldn’t want me to play with my food if it feels this damn good. Shoving that cucumber in and out of my tight hole… feeling every bump and crease. Going fast and deep.. ohh I have never felt so much pleasure… and I can’t even contain myself as I release it all!! UHHHH my cucumber is now slippery with my sticky cum and my mouth is drooling thinking about the taste… mmmm this is my dream cum true.

The satisfaction I felt from that cucumber only made me want to try more things.

Warm hotdogs, and cold popsicles… my pussy got so wet thinking about these sensations and how bad I wanted to feel them. I want to try bananas and squash… mmmm going wider and pushing deeper. And I don’t think there is anything in this world more satisfying than food…

popsicle play food play

I explored all my holes and all the different foods, soft and hard. I love to play with my food and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it!

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