So many men, so little time. The way I am living my best life is having a sugar daddy. I am careful, choosing ancient old men, not long for this world, to adore and worship me. Once they are unable to live without me, I convince them marriage is the best way to go. This Sexy Wicked Temptress always has a master plan that is benefiting herself.

My sugar daddies range from young to ancient. When I was new to having a sugar daddy, I chose men that weren’t as old. Why, because as a young woman I am was unable to see the attraction to an older man. As time is going by, I am seeing things differently and how attentive the older men are. Soon, I am seeing the older they are, the more they spend and the less time they require.

As I said, I am a Sexy Wicked Temptress.

This game is all about me. What am I getting out of the deal? It doesn’t matter to me if I am making them happy or not. Are they going above and beyond for me? If so, then I am a happy girl. The older the man, the more grateful he is for me. He is then ready to open his wallet to give me all I desire. And, most of these guys are only capable of being a companion.

Their cocks aren’t working anymore so I don’t have to pleasure his wrinkly old ass. Ever so often I’ll run into one that is still functioning. It is a part of the gig of a Sexy Wicked Temptress. You will find yourself sucking ancient cock that should have quit working ages ago. I do what I must to have all I want. He is even okay with me and my Nympho MILF  Phone Sex.

My current target is quite interesting.

Oliver is beyond ancient, has no family and is filthy rich. I am using all my feminine wiles on him and it is working. His family is old money and he is the end of the line. Cuddling with him is like laying next to a crackling fire. He is wheezing and breathing so hard, my lungs hurt. He is unable to hold an erection but loves my other skills.

Turns out he is so turned on by my MILF Pegging Confessions, he is begging me to fuck him. I mean if I have to tolerate him, it makes it more fun ramming his old ass. He is into reading my blogs and learning my history. It is giving him insight into the true me and he is embracing that person or so he thinks.

Of course, he is clueless as to how ruthless I truly am.

He is nothing but a ticket to my dreams. I have no feelings for him other than adoration of all that money and property. And, once he is ready to marry me, that is all going to be mine. I have him buying into my sad life story and all the loss I have been through. He believes my family had fortune and Daddy lost it all. Oliver is getting more and more into the idea of giving me back the life I lost.

Meaning he is out ring shopping as we speak. We were out last week and he took me into Tiffany’s to check out all the beautiful jewelry. Of course, he bought me many items but the trip was to get me looking at rings to see what I like. Happily, I was showing him all the giant gems I am in love with.

Then, the next night was a proposal and I said yes.

The wedding was simple and quick. Now, here we are and his health is fleeting. All he is seeing is this sweet devoted wife. In reality, I am a sexy wicked temptress waiting for the moment to tell him the truth. I have been in misery pretending to care and love him. Touching his disgusting old ass is torturous. I am doing my best and it is hard.

Sometimes, I am struggling not gag as we are touching. Of course, the bonus is coming. You see, as Oliver is taking his last wheezing breath, I want him to know what my intentions have always been. I was always planning to use him for his money and end up with it all. As his world is going black this the last thing he will hear!

Does that get your dick hard? Want to know how the sex was between us? Call me and I will give you all the disgusting details.

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