Sexy whip slicing through the air, landing with a sharp crack across the ass of my lover.

I have grand plans for this evening because I just bought this new sexy whip. I can’t wait to try it out on my man’s ass. So I can only imagine the look of delight and a little bit of fear on his face when I pull it out of my bedside drawer later tonight.

I keep thinking about what I’m going to do to his tight ass while I tidy up my apartment. I’m going to own that ass and make it cry for mercy.

I chose this sexy whip for a few reasons. Most of all because of the weight of it. The way it feels gripped tightly in my fist. It feels like an extension of my arm. I quite like the leather work and detail, almost as much as I like the balance.

Holding the whip in my right hand I flick my wrist. I want to be at an expert level when the time comes later tonight. I try several different moves with my arm and wrist. So I bring it over my head and back down again in a slashing motion. Walking around the room I let the whip trail across the floor. Occasionally making it crack by flicking my wrist in a fast, tight motion.

I feel giddy with anticipation because it is finally time to play. I have carefully dressed for the fun ahead. Then I have on a tight, black lace corset, thigh high stockings with sexy garters and a pair of bitchin’ boots. They have a spiked heel. I love them!

In walks, my lover and I immediately tell him to strip naked and assume the position. I casually flick the whip, enjoying his surprised face!

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