Ever wonder what it would be like to be my sexy Valentine? Keep reading and find out!

Sexy Valentine – My boyfriend, Eric, had been crazy busy at work closing on some huge deal. His stress levels were insane. I told him I did not want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year so he could just relax and not worry about planning anything. Little did he know, I had planned a sexy valentine for him this year!

I heard him pull up in the driveway, so I rushed to the door to greet him with a rocks glass of Jameson. I was wearing a light pink, lace corset with matching panties, thigh high pantyhose, and 6-inch stilettos. Eric loves me in lingerie. He opened the door, you could see the headache on his face before looking up and seeing me in the foyer. He broke into a wide smile immediately, letting out a long sigh as I handed him his scotch.

“How is my sexy Valentine?” I said flirtatiously. His eyes widened, “Oh, no! Babe, I’m so sorry, I thought we weren’t- I mean, I totally for-” I placed my finger to his lips to silence him before pulling him in for a deep kiss. “No, baby… this year is all about you.” I smiled, then I took his hand and guided him up the stairs.

I led him to our bedroom door and kissed him one last time before letting him in the room. His eyes bugged out even farther than they had when he thought he forgot to get me a gift! My best friend, Melanie, was laying on our bed in a white lace bra and panty set. Her blonde hair was draped over her slender shoulders. She smiled widely as we walked in, propping herself up on her elbows.


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I guided Eric over to the chair we set up facing the bed. He knew that Melanie and I had experimented with each other a little bit in college. He had often made comments about us letting him watch sometimes but always played it off as a joke. The look on his face now told me he was oh so serious.

“Thought you could use a special treat after the last few weeks, babe. Sit back, and enjoy yourself.” With that, I crawled onto the bed, getting on top of Melanie. She leaned back down onto her back. I kissed her on the mouth, letting her raise up to suck on my tongue while Eric watched us. Just then, I heard him adjusting in the chair. He had unbuttoned his pants so he could stroke his raging hard-on.

I smiled as I turned back to Melanie. I bit her lower lip right before softly kissing down the front of her neck, sucking on her collarbone, then kissing and biting her down to her navel. Eric’s cock was completely out now. I kept looking over and giving him a devilish grin while I teased my girlfriend for him. Suddenly, Melanie’s hips had raised in front of my face as she shimmied her white, lace panties down. She smiled at me. She had been wanting this for a long time too.

I dove down between her legs. Her upper body convulsed slightly at the first flicker of my tongue across her bare pussy lips.

She grabbed the back of my head as soon as I found her swollen clit. Her screams of pleasure ignited something in me. I began thrashing my tongue deep into her wet box while holding her hips and thighs to pull her deeper onto my face.


I felt her sweet, hot cum squirting all over my face…


Her body tightened, I could feel her thigh muscles spasming. Then, I felt her sweet, hot cum squirting all over my face. I looked up at her and saw her smiling at Eric. I turned to see he was jerking his cock harder than ever. We both giggled. I yanked Melanie’s body closer to me, leaning down to kiss her with her sticky juices covering my face. She strained her face up to mine and immediately started licking all of her juices off me. I felt her tongue lapping up my chin, then cheeks, then back into my mouth.

Eric let out a low groan as our soft bodies pressed closer together. He shot his load all over his hands. Melanie’s eyes got wide. I know what a little cum whore she is. “Let’s do it,” I whispered to her. She nodded eagerly. I don’t know what took me so long to do this… it was clearly the beginning of a beautiful threesome!


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