Sometimes it’s the other way around – the girl’s the sexy tutor he can’t stop thinking about!

A sexy tutor can really make or break your school experience.. it can either get you really interested in whatever you’re learning, or totally distract you from it! When I was doing a little side work as a biology tutor, I accidentally ended up doing the latter.. I had a sweet, bad boy type of student who was always getting in trouble in class, so he had to spend a little extra time learning to make up his grades. Unfortunately.. I’d worn one too many plaid skirts and really gotten the schoolgirl fantasy stuck in his head. It was the opposite roles, really.. I was the sexy tutor, and he was the student that kept trying to flirt with me! But was I really going to turn down that naughty opportunity? I’d been playing with his head a little too long, with those button-up blouses always one button too revealing.. I was baiting him into my fantasy, and the poor boy had no idea how to get what he wanted. So, of course.. I’d have to be the sexy tutor to make the first move.

It was the quickest, most thoughtless remark that set it off, too! I’d been teaching him the chapter for his next quiz, a bit on pheromones and how it makes everything else tick..and I made the mistake of saying, “Maybe I could show you.” and there was no way I was wasting a line like that by actually following it through with education. No.. the next thing I did was lean back a little in my chair, popping another button. You should have seen the way his eyes lit up, and he gave a little glance around, checking if anyone was watching, or if he was on some kind of prank TV show. But no..he was about to get very, very lucky..

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali