My SEXY TRANSFORMATION just got wilder.  It was difficult to tell who was the most passionate, as both of us were ripping each other’s clothes off.  In an instant, we were naked as the day we were born; and with a single thrust, our bodies became one.

“It’s been a long time for me, and I can’t resist you.” For an instant, I felt a little guilty about using my vampiric mind clouding, but then it struck me!  I had’t used it yet. Therefore, what he was feeling for me was REAL.   My heart leapt and I pushed harder against his thrusts.

The pulse in his neck was driving me crazy.  So, It was all I could do to prevent my fangs from seeking his jugular vein and drinking my fill. Fortunately, I had fed the night before so it wasn’t impossible, just, unbearable!  So, I concentrated on the feeling of his cock driving in and out of my tight pussy like a piston.  I sought to match his speed and intensity as I felt a massive orgasm building in the core of my being.

“Baby, I HAVE tell you, I’m not a normal woman.”

“Of that I have no doubt, My Sweet!” he said as he sank his teeth against my neck.

“But, my love if you only knew…” she said, “I am Queen of the London Night and provided that, I’m the 3rd oldest vampire on this planet.”  He smiled with anticipation at the thought of being my consort in perpetuity.

We live and love with passion, but we’re also on the hunt for MORE!  My Lover is restricted by the moon. I, however, am NOT!  I can CUM to you anywhere in the world.

Can you handle the NIGHT With Me?


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