In my classroom I expect my students to play by certain rules because I’m their sexy teacher.

I’m a sexy teacher, but, I have high expectations and do not like to be disappointed. I also do not tolerate being interrupted. I do not give second chances. No, no. Discipline is doled out swift and firmly.

Every year I have at least one smart-mouthed teen who pushes my buttons. One who must secretly crave my particular brand of classroom management. This year I have two. Both are football players, tall and built like brick shithouses. Their t-shirts always a little too tight, cocky grins on their tan, handsome faces as they move through their days with absolute self-assurance.

I have assigned them both detention after school today. All afternoon I have been mentally preparing for the lesson that is soon to come. After the last bell rings and the thunderous pounding of hundreds of feet racing out of the buildings have faded I begin to ready my classroom. I pull down the blinds and push all of the desks against the far wall. I make sure the blackboard has been wiped clean and that there are several new pieces of chalk waiting for my boys when they arrive.

They are late. I find this to be both insulting and intriguing. Do these boys not understand who they are dealing with? At last, they casually saunter in as if they were not fifteen minutes late. As if I am not a force to be reckoned with.

Swiftly, this sexy teacher strides to the door and lock it with a quiet turn of the latch. “Stand at the blackboard, boys! I want you to each write 50 times “I must not disobey Ms. Gwen ever again!

“Drop your pants while you’re at it. Now, now! Hurry! You’ve already made me wait long enough”.

As they boys begin to write their lines I reach for my paddle. In my class spanking is my preferred form of punishment. These boys had earned themselves a good whacking. Crack! My paddle hits the first boy across the ass and he hisses in pain but does not cry out. Crack! I swing the paddle again, and again and again.  I spank them until their ass cheeks are pink and stinging. Spank them until they begin to understand…this was only the beginning of what I had planned for them!
To be continued…

Phone Sex!