I talk to an amazingly sexy client who happens to be a T-girl! Her name is Christina (no, not the Kingdom’s Christina) and omg, her hotness is insane. Let me tell you about one of my favorite fantasies I have about her…..

In this fantasy my sexy T-Girl and I are out shopping for pantyhose and lingerie in South Beach.

Because we are both so damn hot we like to wear our tallest heels and our tightest dresses whenever we go out together. Seems like we turn heads where ever we go! I can’t blame anyone though. If I saw two hot bitches like us, a sexy T-Girl and a Smokin’ Hot Blonde, walking by while I was out, I’d stop and stare too. We love turning people on with our hot bodies.

Christina knows all of the best lingerie shops. Probably better than anyone else I know! Today we’re looking for pantyhose, stockings, garters and sexy bra’s.

She is visiting me here in Miami, where a sexy T-Girl is a dime a dozen. Despite that fact, Christina stands out as one of the baddest bitches out there. Her perky, full breasts and tight, high ass probably have something to do with that. Her attitude and confidence take care of the rest.
The first shop we hit up is a very exclusive, very expensive shop on Lincoln Road. Christina is treating me to a few new pairs of Wolford stockings and pantyhose. According to her,  they are the best around and I’ve been slumming it this whole time with cheap imitations. The silky feeling of luxe hose sliding up up your legs and over your ass is decadent…almost naughty.

Christina chooses several different styles for me to try on: lacy garters that hug my thighs, silky hose in black, red, and nude, thigh high stockings with sweet little black bows. She even throws a few pairs of crotchless panties in the mix. I must admit all this shopping is turning me on.

I find sexy T-Girls to be so intriguing and exotic.

With their slim hips and delicious tits, I find myself very attracted and turned on. Seeing Christina changing into all these sexy little lingerie sets, bending over right in front of me to take her panties off pushed me over the edge. I just have to get a taste of this sexy bitch right here in the dressing room. I drop to my knees before her and start to kiss and lick her pink little pussy.

She smells and tastes so good. I reach up and put one hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She can get loud when I eat her out. I want to feel her cum against my tongue before we leave this store. I tongue her fast and deeply until I feel her inner muscles convulsing.  She has her hands fisted in my long blond hair, grinding against my mouth. I keep licking until her orgasm subsides.

Smiling up at her I say “where to next, Sexy T-Girl??”

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