Hal knows how to throw one hell of a party. Of course, he also knows how to make all his dominant friends happy too. Having some sexy submissive dungeon play at his NYE party. Turns out, all of Hal’s friends have female submissives. They just like it that way and as long as I have my daddy dom, I don’t mind. So, they decided to put all of us girls in a pit in the dungeon. Yep, for New Year’s Eve, we are all naked and fucking each other in a pit in front of all the dominants. Of course, I love the idea. Girl-on-girl sex is a blast. All that pussy playing together is a good thing.

Bring on the sexy submissive dungeon play!

Along with setting up the dungeon with a festive theme to bring in the new year, Hal has created this naughty pit for us. The area is enclosed like a porch with wooden sides. Then, inside the pit, the floor is lower and filled with tons of pillows and blankets for our comfort. On the outside, there are seats for the other guests to watch those in the pit have their fun. At the beginning of the party, the subs are to strip down. We spend the entire night completely nude. And, that is where the sexy submissive dungeon play starts at this party.

Dominants can choose to be naked or in an outfit of their choice.

In contrast, at Halloween BDSM Style, we are all in costumes. The subs wear costumes that accentuate their submissiveness. Although, during the night, we are stripped of that costume. However, tonight, we will spend the entire evening in the nude. Not only that, a lot of the night will be fucking other submissive girls. Of course, the dominants will be giving us commands from the sidelines. They are completely in charge during our sexy submissive dungeon play. If they want me to use a strapon and fuck another girl, then I will happily obey. Along with that, they make us punish one another.

They rarely do that, saving that rite for themselves later during the sexy submissive dungeon play.

These men love controlling and ruling over us. And, we love bowing down to their will. I especially love serving my daddy dom. Hal is fantastic and knows how to make the pain feel good. He also gets off watching me fuck other women. Therefore, when we are in the pit for their pleasure, we have a lot dicks in their hands. Our doms are stroking their cocks hard as we play for them. Seeing all that sexy submissive dungeon play gets their rods rock hard. Some of them use toys to jerk off while their submissive is in the pit. Honestly, I find it super sexy to watch them.

All those men with their cocks out for us.

Sooner or later it becomes too much and the men have to come into the pit to play. They climb in and claim their sub. Hal will come over, grab me by my hair and force me onto his dick. By this time, I am covered in pussy juice from all the sexy submissive dungeon play. He will only have me suck him for a short bit. At this point, he is so ready to fuck, he bends me over and shoves it in me hard. He cums in no time. The night is still young and we will have sex a lot more tonight. Also, the doms switch subs thought-out the night. So, I may fuck someone else as will Hal. Are you ready for some kinky fun with me? Call me for some hot phone sex!