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However, the real sexy submissive babysitter fun happens in her bedroom!

My sexy dominant businesswoman has a ton of equipment and toys for her pleasure and my pain. Of course, each session is different depending on how her day goes. If she has a successful day, it is a softer domination night. Whereas, if it was a shitty day at work, it is hardcore, make me suffer night. And, I love both of them.

Our sexy submissive babysitter sessions always make me happy. In fact, no matter how she treats me, my pussy is so aroused by her strength and raw sexuality that it drips all night long.

Of course, with me, nothing is taboo!

It is the same when I am online for sexy fetish phone sex! My callers know they can bring me anything and I am open to trying it. Well, anything other than me dominating. I am submissive, through and through.

And, Jennifer knows it is the same for her when we are having our sexy submissive babysitter session. She has some intense paddles and loves leaving my ass red for days. I also love her leather fringe whip as it connects with my skin! She enjoys tying me to bed. While she ties me to the bed, she will use nipple clips and clips on the clitoris to make sure I am suffering. She gets so wet when I whimper or tears stream down my face.

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She doesn’t have to touch it and I cum when she is inflicting pain. Of course, she is also climaxing often during our playtime. She has an array of strapons to fuck me with. One thing she enjoys more than others is tease and denial. She knows I am extremely aroused the minute she starts the punishment. So, she likes stopping the torture to deny my orgasm.

Of course, our entire sexy submissive babysitter session is insanely arousing. She does her best to keep my climaxes to a minimum. I don’t deserve to cum and only deserve release when she allows it.

She tells me this continually during our play.

As her submissive, I am not worthy of cumming. And, only because She allows it, I get to climax. She is telling me this as she is ramming my tight young pussy with a huge vibrating strapon. Stretching me out and stimulating all of my nerves. I am begging to cum, so she pulls out and stops to tell me again, I am not worthy. God, I love how this beautiful goddess punishes me!

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