My, my, my, what a pantyhose fetish does to a man..

A pantyhose fetish is what’s driving my boy toy insane. I’ve previously written about how I learned about my boy toy’s long list of kinks. He’s not the best at hiding his fantasies from me, or his porn history! It’s all a few swipes away on his phone, so it’s easy to see what he’s been digging into and getting curious about. Sometimes that’s led to me dressing up like a little french maid, and other times it’s lead to me being a massive cunt as I dominate him. Lately, he can’t shake his stocking fantasy.. So I’m letting him have the worst of it. I’m probably not helping him get over it – not one bit.

He’s all mine to toy with.

Really, he’s been wrapped around my finger lately.. almost completely willing to do anything I ask. Sometimes he even loves to sniff my panties, and I let him slide all the way up and down my legs as he does so. I’ve been giving him a few treats, namely letting him slide my clothes off after a long day and let him take in the sight and smell of my stockings. He also loves the smell of my heels after I’ve worn them all day.. The feel of those soft soles against his face drives him nuts, but the smell of my stockings drives his pantyhose fetish through the roof. I might have to think of more little games we can play.. Should I tie him up and make him watch me undress? That way he can’t get as close as he craves..

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Come play with me. 

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