Sexy Stockings

Sexy stockings is what I wore underneath my little red dress to go sit on Santa’s lap. I’ve been a naughty girl this year, but I knew Santa would understand.  In fact, I knew he would! Because these sexy stockings that I have on, I’ve worn them for him before. Santa better be prepared to give me the biggest and best gift this year. I’d hate to send those naughty pictures in the mail to his naive wife!

I walked in and saw there was a line. Most of the mothers covered their children’s eyes when they saw my little costume. That short red dress lined with fur, and those red and white candy strip stockings underneath.  It took no time at all for Santa’s elves to bring me to the front of the line. Those rosy red cheeks of his got even redder when I put a candy cane in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around it.

Plopping down right on his lap, he instantly got a hard on.

Trying to regain his composure he asked me what a big girl like me wanted for Christmas.  I smiled and wiggled on his lap making him HO HO HO out loud, then I whispered in his ear.  “I will tell you just what I want Santa! But do you think I should do it here?”.  He blushed again and told me to go ahead.

He thought it might be a little to risky to take me into Santa’s workshop because I knew he couldn’t refuse a quickie! Pouting a little I crossed my arms.  He can’t resist my pouty face that’s for sure. I felt his hand slide down my back and he starting to rub my ass. “That’s more like it!”, I said. That’s when I got the idea to rub my stockings up the inside of his red Santa pants.

Stockings For Santa

I kicked off my heels and started to work my foot up the inside of his leg.  His eyes got wide and he blushed again. He can never resist the feeling of those stockings that’s for sure. Not paying attention to the crowd I just kept pushing my foot up higher and higher until he let out another HO HO HO! And then telling the crowd it was time for Santa’s break, he grabbed my hand and took me to his little make shift house in between the fake trees.

The little chair inside was perfect for me to sit on while he laid down on the floor and unbuttoned his pants. “Stroke my cock with your sexy stockings Roxy!”, he begged! But before I did I made him sign a little piece of paper that said exactly what I wanted for Christmas! He signed frantically because he was ready for what I had in store for him.  Want to know what I did, and what that early Christmas present was? Well you know how to find out!

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