Sexy stockings on the right set of legs can really turn me on.

Imagine, if you will, a pair of masculine, long sexy legs. Can you now picture nice lean thighs and muscular calves yet somehow still graceful and beautiful? Next, picture those sexy, long toned legs wrapped up in a pair of sexy stockings. Ah! Do you Like what you see?

I know I love the sight of a man wearing sexy stockings!

In my opinion, there are few things in this world I find sexier than a nice pair of gams in some sexy stockings. Often the sight alone will get me so extremely wet and really horny and most especially if he is hot in the body!

Few people can resist six pack ab’s, yet how many of those same people can resist them if some sexy panties sit right below those abs? Probably not too many I would imagine!

I could masturbate all day long to the thought of a big handsome macho man casually sauntering around my apartment. Looking saucy in a pair of heels, some sexy black stockings and a little pair of panties. He would have to beat me off with a big stick!

Most of all I love to see a man all dressed up in lingerie doing household chores. The first item on my honey-do list would be to vacuum all the carpets since I love to watch him strut around. Most definitely I expect him to do the curtains too since as a result he’d have to stretch up on tiptoe! Having him do my dishes in the kitchen would be a hot sight too. I could see him making up my bed after he changed my sheets. My list goes on and on but it’s a fun list.

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