Being a secret agent, working undercover to track down the stolen jewels from the city’s biggest mafia boss was no easy task. What would they do if they caught me? Fucking me to make their point wasn’t something beneath them. My name would forever be remembered around the agency as the sexy spy force fucked by the mafia. Of course, maybe that was the slut side of me talking. The mafia boss taking advantage of my body would be better than death, it might even be a kink of mine.

Blue Prints For Taking The Jewels Back!

I had learned where they kept the jewels. I have been playing as their message delivery girl for a while now, and I don’t think they expect me to steal from them. My plan was to go in through the ceiling so I could get lowered down with my ropes above the glass display case. Once lowered, I would cut the top off and steal the Jewels back! It was a flawless plan until there was an issue with my rope catching.

Abort Mission!

It was all going as planned! I slowly descended from the ceiling when the hook attached to my rope got twisted. I looked up and tried to fix it, but I just made it worse. It ended up snagging, jerking down for a moment, then I found myself hurling downward towards the priceless display case. The rope was now wrapping its way around my body. I was stuck, hanging from the ceiling above a glass display case, just dangling.

There is no way this could get any worse, right? Wrong! I became the first sexy spy force fucked while being suspended from the ceiling. How humiliating. I looked over, and the mafia boss enters the room. There is no way to get out of this one now. He looked at me for a moment before laughing with all this little pussy entering the room behind him. I sat there, speechless. He laughs before saying, “I knew you were the spy, and so I sabotaged your rope. And now you will get what you deserve.”

Sexy Spy Force Fucked While The Rest Of The Mafia Watched

The leader starts to unbuckle his pants while the other mafia members gather around to watch. My pussy started tingling, I knew what was about to happen. He walked up to me and slid his finger deep inside me, and I moan out like the whore he knew I was. “Ah, nice and wet,” he moans as he pulls his fingers out, licks them clean, and gracefully slips his hard cock inside me. My moans get louder and I take every inch of his throbbing dick while making eye contact with the rest of his band of criminals. He pounded this pussy for a long time while I screamed out, still bound, and hanging there helplessly. Finally, he came deep inside of me, and without a word, he and his group left me dangling there, full of cum, shame, and regret. Humiliated yet wanting more.

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