There are many job requirements for being a sexy slutty secretary! 

For most people, staying late after a long day of work isn’t always the most ideal situation. But when your boss is a hot stud like mine, it is the most ideal! Every girl in this office wants to fuck him and every guy wants to be him. Luckily for me, late nights at the office are all part of being the best sexy slutty secretary. I did not mind cozying up together on his office couch to work on quarterly reports and other boring office nonsense. But, I was feeling awfully sore after a long day of being in my 5-inch patent leather pumps and decided to rest my feet right by him.

His eyes immediately focused on my lovely painted toes! 

His hungry blue eyes followed up and down my high arches right up to my delicate ankles- he was practically drooling. I had no idea that the company CEO had such a dirty fetish for feet. Looks like this sexy slutty secretary finally found out his filthy little secret. I wonder if he knows that I am also a dirty family fuck whore. His cock was already throbbing in his pants for me. I felt so naughty just wiggling my little piggies like the young tease that I am. He could not keep his eyes off of me at all. My pussy tingled as I started to get wet! 

I carefully slid one foot after the other onto his lap as he licked his lips. 

I bit my bottom lip and asked if he would be so kind and rub my tantalizing aching feet. Of course, he wanted to give me a hot, erotic foot massage! He has had his eye on my tight little sexy slutty secretary body since the moment I was hired. In an instant, he had his hands wrapped around my delicate little toes. He then brought them up to his salivating mouth, his hot pink tongue traced circles around the top of my foot and he made sure to work it between every single toe. His tongue worshipped every inch and softly trailed along the arches of my feet. 

He suckled each toe into his mouth and I could feel his cock swelling with each moment passing.

His cock was nearly exploding out of his slacks! I smirked at him and told him to pull out that rock hard cock for me! So that I could fully massage the soles of my pretty sexy slutty secretary princess feet. I told him it always feels better to have a rock hard cock to rub along my arches. He lathered up the sole of my foot so nicely with that tongue of his, it was perfectly slippery enough for me to roll his cock between my feet. I gave him the hottest fucking foot job he has ever felt. 

He moaned in ecstasy while my toes toyed and caressed his rock hard cock. 

Soft moans continually escaped his mouth while I slid my slippery soft feet up and down his thick veiny shaft. Sweet pre-cum oozed down onto my pink pedicured toes. My little piggies playfully teased his balls as I slightly pinched and rubbed my feet along the full length of his cock. He was nearly begging to cover my pink polished toes in a nice thick glob of cum! My soft sexy slutty secretary princess feet glided right up and down on his rock-hard cock. 

I stroked that hard, thick cock so fucking hard! 

His back arched sharply as I increased the stroke of my soft arches. My soft sexy slutty secretary feet wrapped around his throbbing mushroom head. I was so hungry for that hot cum on my toes! I rubbed my hot wet clit so nice and good. Finger fucking myself while stroking his hard cock made me want to squirt all over his office! And in a gush of wet hot excitement, his thick creamy cum shot out onto my long, dainty toes. 

Needless to say, my boss can now go ahead and add foot-jobs to my job description! Do you want a hot fucking foot job? Come have the best foot fetish phone sex with me!