The feeling of sexy silky pantyhose on my bare legs really turns me on. I love rubbing on my legs while they are wrapped in a great pair of hose. Not to mention, my ass looks fantastic all covered in panty hose.

Sometimes I wear a thong, but nothing beats the feeling of my bare pussy rubbing against the sexy silky pantyhose crotch. All my turn on from the day that builds up in between my thighs pours out onto the hose. That is a sweet reminder of how sexually charged my day has been. And the confidence I feel while wearing pantyhose, allows me to pick up any man who crosses my path.

It was as if my sexy silky pantyhose possessed magic powers that could turn any man hard.

It was no surprise when Kevin from the shoe store offered to help me carry my bags home. After helping me try on heels over my sexy silky pantyhose, I got the feeling that he had a very wild foot fetish. We flirted all the way to my apartment, with him complimenting me often on my legs, shoes, and pantyhose. I knew he would be mine as soon as we got upstairs.

As I walked inside with Kevin in tow, I walked him into my room to drop the bags of shoes I had purchased. I kicked off one heel and pushed Kevin down onto my bed with my bare sexy silky pantyhose covered toes. I told him to remove my other heel and massage my very tired feet. He rubbed and kneaded each of my feet to my satisfaction.

Rubbing my sexy silky pantyhose clad feet on his leg, I could see his excitement bulging in his pants. Moving my hose covered toes up his thigh, I went straight to rub the bulge in his pants. I ordered him to take off his pants and he eagerly dropped them to the floor. I could sense my hungry pussy getting wetter as I realized the control I now had over Kevin.

My sexy silky pantyhose were running the show!

Wiggling out of my sexy silky pantyhose, I pulled them off of my body. I pushed him down into a laying position and I swept the smooth stockings over his legs. Running them over his body from his feet to his knees and over his thighs, I stopped at his now fully erect cock. I rubbed the pantyhose very slowly around his now throbbing dick, letting them brush up against all of him.

I fully wrapped his quivering cock with my sexy silky pantyhose. The more covered his cock became, the more he began to moan. I pulled and twisted the sheer stockings tighter and tighter and saw some pre-cum begin to ooze from his thick beating member. I stroked his cock with the pantyhose in my hand, touching only the pantyhose. The more I stroked, the closer he came to climax.

Those sexy silky pantyhose definitely had some magical powers that could dominate any man to his knees.

I twisted those sexy silky pantyhose tight around his pulsating cock. I could see his whole body beginning to quiver and I kept working that cock with my stocking covered hands. After a few minutes of rubbing and twisting and pulling on the hose, pleasure overcame him as Kevin let out the loudest moan, and cum began to soak my stockings.

Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Would you like to own a pair of my own sexy silky pantyhose? Give me a call for some hot phone sex and we can discuss your fantasy and how I can bring you to orgasm with the stroke of my hose.