I see how you look at my ass when I am walking away from you. Hell, I don’t blame you. It is one fine ass and my tiny panties are giving you a chubby. This sexy short skirt is the perfect tool.

Oh, yes, the perfect tool for me when reeling in fuck friends is my itty bitty items of clothing. And, along with that short skirt are those tiny panties you are eyeing as well.

Of course, not just any panties. They are sexy see-through lace panties that allow you just enough to get you curious. You start out watching me and end up fucking me.

See, my sexy short skirt is so much more than just a piece of material!

In fact, I treat them like gold. They are valuable items to me and I cherish them. Those adorable tiny skirts bring me more men than a lot of other things in my life.

Sure, my good looks and hot body do a lot of the work but accenting those is what is closing the deal! Add in those sheer panties and I am getting good dick almost every night.

I guarantee you can ask almost any woman and she has her “go-to” item of clothing. For me, it is a sexy short skirt. For another woman, it might be a pair of stockings.

Each of us is different in our seduction skills and my sexy short skirt is perfect for me.

Hell, for all I know, men have something specific that draws in women. Honestly, I have never given it a thought until this moment. Interesting, I will have to do some research on that.

For now, let’s get back to my fine ass and how good it looks to you right now. I see how you are licking your lips. Additionally, I bet you are wondering how good the front looks.

Well, you can trust me when I tell you, this pussy is fire, baby! And, if I stand just right with this sexy short skirt, you can get a peek of it. Of course, you can’t see much through the panties, just enough.

Yep, just enough to get you even harder than you currently are.

Hahaha…so, are you going to ask me? You know you want to hit on me right now. In fact, as sexy as you are, if you don’t soon, I am inviting you back to my house.

Honey,  I am not shy and if I want to ride that cock, I will hit on you. So, are you ready to come back to my place or what? I know your dick is saying, “Yes, please!”

So, my sexy short skirt is doing its job and my pussy is wet from your attention. Once, back at my place, I am quick to help you shed those clothes so I can see what that bulge really looks like.

And, I am happily not disappointed with that cock!

Let me shed my little bit of clothes so you can finally get a close-up of this tight young pussy. Go on, lean in and lick her if you want. Mmmm…that feels good.

I am so wet and ready, let me climb on that rod and rock your day! Oh, shit, I love how it stretches me out. Wow, that is so nice!! We are going to have a great time together!

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Sexy Short Skirt