Sexy Shoe Fetish, the Man of my Dreams had a Secret!

Sexy Shoe Fetish- I have always had a great love for shoes. My family and friends tease me relentlessly because I buy new shoes constantly. It was not a problem for me until I realized that I needed a closet just for my shoes. I knew I had to slow down.

As a single woman, my friends are always trying to set me up on dates. I can usually talk my way out but sometimes I have to go through with the occasional blind date. Such a date happened when I was completely unable to back out.

My friend Ramona and I were scheduled to go to the theatre to watch The Nutcracker. We had been planning it for two months. A few weeks before the big night she started a relationship and scored a ticket for him to join us. Secretly I was devastated. Now I would have to spend the night the third wheel and watching the happy couple.

I was considering being sick and backing out when she called me and really pleased with herself said, I have a date for you tonight. Dress smashing sister he is a real catch! She hung up before I could reply.

To think I considered showing up in sweats!

I tried calling back but she knew my tricks and had turned her phone off! The bitch I screamed at my wall! I walked over to the closet and started pulling out clothes. As always I had to choose the shoes and once I knew that then I could match the outfit. So I opened my shoe closet and looked through my heels. Looking at my sneakers I giggled out loud. I should just wear sweats out of protest! No, I could never do that. I only allow myself to go to the corner market dressed like a bum.

Not knowing the height of the man but knowing I was going to be doing a lot of walking I chose to wear pumps. That is when I laid eyes on the new mid-heel silver pumps with the G heel and the dangling diamonds from the ankle strap. Yes, I would wear my newest Gucci Shoes. I also had a great dress for these. It was a long form-fitting dress hugging my curves perfectly but stopping just above the ankle to show off my gorgeous shoes. It was sleeveless with a turtle neck. So I chose my accessories a long necklace and a slim belt draping low over my hips. To complete the ensemble I clipped long diamond dangling earrings.

He was tall and handsome, could he be?

Arriving early I stood outside to wait for my friends. A tall man I noticed was standing outside waiting to. I looked him up and down he was really gorgeous. A woman walked up to him and hugged his neck. Well, that rules him out I smiled secretly to myself. However, I watched as she hugged him once more before walking on inside and he continued to stand in the cold.

I was shivering with nothing but the wrap on. So I stood there shivering and angry with my friend for turning her phone off. Fuck it I said I am going inside. I approached the ticket window, may I please wait inside, my friend is coming but she has our tickets. I smiled sweetly but just pathetic enough. Suddenly a jacket was draped over my shoulders.  Looking around I saw the tall handsome man from earlier. Smiling I protested but he insisted. My name is Andrew he introduced himself. I was supposed to be meeting friends here also.

Our thighs kept touching

Is your name Simone by chance? he asked. Yes, it is smiling I shook his hand. I was suddenly very nervous. Before I could say anything else our friends arrived and we all made our way inside. I loved standing next to this tall man. Walking beside him he was such a gentleman, holding doors and so forth.

It was a turn on as our thighs kept touching all through the show. At one point I noticed he was watching me more than the show. I smiled at him and he brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. That one act was innocent but as sensual as if he had been touching more intimate parts of my body.

He offered to drive me home. I knew he was going to be a gentleman and not come up for drinks. So I just put it out there. At my door, I turned and kissed him long and deep. He kissed me back and it got feverish. He pulled away first and tried to put some distance between us. I was relentless, I leaned in closer and rubbing my body against his. I said, let’s go upstairs and fuck. Don’t over think it. Smiling, I said, please?

He ate until I was about to scream!

His face was suddenly hard and determined. He opened the door and ushered me inside. Not even pretending small talk or drinks our clothes were falling off and we were in the bedroom across the bed in moments.

He lifted my leg and with my shoe still on he began licking the shoe. Tongueing my toes and the material of the shoe just the same. He made his way up my leg and ate my pussy until I was ready to scream but edging me he went back down the other leg and licked that shoe and my toes. Pulling the dangling diamonds of the shoes into his mouth and sucked them just like I wanted to do to his dick. Not letting me touch his dick or anything.

Leaving my shoes on he stroked my pussy and then raising my legs high and placing my shoes on his shoulders he pushed deep inside me with his hard cock. He kept my shoes planted right there by his face and continued to lick and suck on the heels and the straps while plunging deep inside me.

Rubbing and licking my shoes!

Later that night I woke up and he was gone. I found him sitting in the middle of my shoe closet, he had piled my shoes all over his body and what appeared to be fucking them. He was stroking his dick in and out of them. Rubbing his body and licking them over and over.

Quietly I made my exit before he could notice and went to lay down. I pretended to be asleep after he had finished a long time later. I heard him enter that bathroom. When he came out I sat up and smiled. Which did you enjoy more? Me or my shoes I asked.

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