Sexy secrets can build up over time and once in a while, it feels good to spill the beans.

Sexy secrets and naughty confessions can be so hot. I have a treasure chest of sexy secrets I’ve amassed over time. I’m in the mood to dish and the first thing I have to share is what happened to me last week. When I think about it I blush. I ended up going to a bar alone Tuesday night because all of my friends canceled on me at the last-minute. Since I  was already dressed up and looking smoking hot, I decided to just go by myself and have a good time!


I snagged a spot at the back of the bar and ordered a drink. I immediately noticed the heavy bass reverberating through my stool as soon as I sat down. The vibrations were intense and surprisingly arousing. I could feel it thumping through the metal stool seat, deep up in my pussy. I was instantly turned on. As I sat there, sipping my cocktail and chatting with the people around me, I could feel my pussy get wetter and wetter.

The sensations were so strong and constant, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had an orgasm. I shifted so that I was straddling the edge of the stool and my clit took the brunt of the vibrations. There is something utterly hot about being turned on in public.

Deliciously sexy secrets happening right under their noses.

I rode the edge of that stool till I came hard. It was seriously one the of hottest moments of my sex life to date. I got a few sideways glances from the people around me, but other than that it was a totally private experience.

Another thing I must get off my chest, I fucked my boyfriend’s father at his seventeenth birthday party. I didn’t mean to do it, but I had been drinking all night and something just came over me. My boyfriend’s dad looked so sexy in the pool and later while he was playing football with the guys in the backyard. He had a killer chest and long, muscular arms. I found him very attractive in that moment.

I followed him into the house and locked the door behind me. Since I was drunk I  came on to him pretty hard. I walked up to him, reached down and squeezed his cock through his shorts and asked him if he wanted to fuck. After a moments protest he picked me up by my waist and I wrapped my legs around him. Sitting me right on his erection and squeezing my ass nice and hard, he said he was game. We fucked in the pantry, hard and fast. He made me cum so hard I could hardly stand up afterward.

I went back out to the party like nothing happened and fucked my boyfriend later that night. I’ve got way more sexy secrets, stay tuned.

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