Arriving At The Firm

Sexy Secretary Interview – I was so nervous about my first interview at the powerful firm with Mr. Johnson. He needed a new secretary, and word was that he was a strict boss, a punishing master. I must admit, I had put on something professional but a little slutty, secretly hoping it would be a sexy secretary interview. 

I walked in, and the stand-in receptionist eyed me up and down, from my diamond stud earrings, down the deep cleavage of my open blue blouse, over my tight black skirt, down my long legs sheathed in silk, and ending in my black spike heels. She rolled her eyes and indicated a seat by the conference room.

Mr. Johnson Enters

Mr. Johnson came striding down the hall and looked me over, a little more hungrily than the secretary had done. “You must be Sadie,” he said. “Pleased to meet you,” and stuck out his big, powerful hand. The word “Daddy” almost escaped my lips as I imagined that strong hand smothering my mouth. 

“Pleased to meet you, Sir,” I cooed and offered him my delicate pristinely manicured hand. He grinned a little too wickedly. Did we have the same thought? Was this going to be a sexy secretary interview? 

His Private Office

Mr. Johnson led me down the hall and into his private office. He sat down behind his big oaken desk and leaned back in his comfy office chair. “Now, Sadie, there’s a certain way we do things in this office,” he began. “There are very strict rules for the women in this office, and as my secretary, I would expect you to enforce them.” “Yes, Sir,” I practically purred. He looked straight at my pouty red mouth. I wondered if he could tell that I’m a cum hungry slut?

“Are you willing to go the extra mile, Sadie?” he asked. “Oh, yes Sir!” I replied enthusiastically. “Good girl,” he said. “Show me.” I needed no more instruction than that, and I started undoing the top buttons of my blouse. Mr. Johnson leaned back contentedly. This was going to be the sexy secretary interview of my dreams!

Showing My Worth

“Come here, Sadie,” he commanded. I jiggled over to his desk, titties bouncing. I wanted to ace this sexy secretary interview. “Yes, Sir!” I said and dropped to my knees. He whipped out his 8-inch cock, and I started sucking, all while looking up at him with my pretty hazel eyes. “Good girl,” he kept growling while petting my head and smoothing down my fire red hair.

I stripped for him then and there and climbed him like a monkey. I eased my tight wet pussy down onto his raging cock and started grinding on him, back and forth. He grabbed a handful of my tits and squeezed. “Oh, Mr. Johnson!” I cried as my yelps grew louder and he penetrated me deeply. I think I was going to like it here…

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