Our group is about coming together as strong women. The goal of our group for the community is to do good for others in need. Additionally, the goal for us and our sexy secret society is to have fun after hours.

That is why we host parties that are all about insanely naughty fun. Each party has a theme and every party has lots and lots of sexual activity. Sometimes, we copy the old stereotype societies and don our robes.

Most of the time, we love dressing in gorgeous gowns and having fun with each other and the sexy men of the world. This year, we are going with a Victorian feel. Lavish designs, tons of food, jesters, and of course, glorious gowns for us.

A huge to-do at the sexy secret society!

One of our members has a huge mansion and the entire place is set up for the theme of the party. Every room of the home. All the guests will be in party-themed garb and the servants as well.

Unlike our Reverse GangBang event, this is a free-for-all. We were following the old societies for that event. Talk about kinky and fun! One male is the centerpiece and we all converge on him.

What a night! Of course, this night is going to be full of sexual debauchery. Furthermore, there are no rules as to how it takes place. It is to each their own for the entire night. Everyone is able to do their own thing at our sexy secret society events.

Oh, of course, we all wear masks.

That is always a given at our parties. It allows our guests to be who they want to be for the entire event. For this night, they can step out of their shells and be the person they dream of being.

Or fucking the person they are longing for. We love fucking each other in our society. Of course, the girls are comfortable with their sexuality. However, so many in our community are not, that is why we can give them this opportunity.

It is wild to step back during the party and watch as everyone is letting loose. I feel like I am stepping back into ancient Rome with Caligula. His orgies and parties were of the wildest ever. Of course, no one is killed or defiled at the sexy secret society events!

It is all about having fun and letting go of inhibitions with us.

Of course, there is tons of food and alcohol to keep everyone going until the wee hours of the morning. No one drives home either. There is plenty of room for all to sleep here for the night.

I love hooking up with a couple that is shy for my fun. Taking them into a room and helping them let go. Of course, with me, they are able to try all their fantasies and have an amazing time.

It is similar to my Fetish Phone Sex. All my callers have the time of their lives with me. I let them be their true selves! Are you curious to know the dirty details of the party? Call me to find out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke