Your sexy schoolgirl is back for more punishment!  Now, where were we?  Oh…yes!  So, in total darkness, I feel your hands on either side of my head as you whisper to me, “Now the fun can start.”

I feel hands taking off my sneakers and, pulling down my stockings.  Other hands work my ass; up and off the bed as they unzip and remove my plaid skirt. Still, more hands remove my shirt with me lying face up on the bed in bra and panties. My nipples get hard from the combination of fear, and sexual tension sensory-overload .

There are at least 8 people in the room with us. You whisper, “I hope you’re ready for a long night, my love.”  Still, blindfolded, I feel hands traversing my body; stimulating every nerve ending.   Suddenly, and painfully, they withdraw. So, I’m alone and untouched. Slowly, fingertips start to rub my temples as I become aware of a mouth on my left foot, sucking my toes. My nipples pop up, taller and harder than they ever have before.

Finally, I feel your lips on my forehead lightly kissing your way down to my mouth. And, I can tell my moans and whimpers are making your dick harder.  So, I scream into your mouth as the first massive orgasm wracks me.  In fact, the tongues leave my body without ever licking my pussy!
You remove my blindfold and, I see my sorority sisters lined-up in front of me; naked except for the 8″ strap-ons each was wearing for the occasion.  “Congratulations, Josette, you are the new, sorority President.  So, for a year, these little bitches to do anything you tell them. “Now…you are going to get all of your sorority-slut sisters sucking my cock.”