Sexy rules of engagement apply to almost everything. So, when I agreed to marry Lorenzo, we decided to have our bachelor & bachelorette parties together.  It felt like the right time to celebrate our monogamy with a MAJOR party! He invited his 2- best-friends and I invited my 3-bridesmaids.

The night started with booze, food, & weed.  But, after about  2 hours, Wade & Tony came over & started removing my clothes. Meanwhile, Vanessa, Megan, and Tina went to work on Lorenzo. Soon, we were both naked & everyone else was following suit. I started sucking off Wade & Tony; while, my girls devoured Lo. I’d never been able to suck his cock, balls, & ass at the same time (go figure). I wanted to watch his reaction; but, I was distracted by cocks in my face.

As I was about to squirt, I looked over & saw Lorenzo, with his face buried in Vaness’s sweet black pussy. Megan was deep-throating his shaft & Tina with his toes inside her cunt! Me? Oh, I was sucking on Tony’s cock while Wade slammed his into me!

Time swam after having one of the most memorable orgasms of my life; squirting all over both studs before taking their loads all over my face & tits.  I looked over to see Lo driving his cock in and out of Megan’s tight little ass; while Vanessa was writhing on his very talented tongue.

Tina was eating his ass.  Just then, Lorenzo pulled out & shot the biggest load of cum I’d ever seen all over my best friends.  And, they eagerly leaned in to clean off his still hard dick. So, go the sexy rules of engagement!

I guess our monogamy didn’t quite work out. 


No matter what’s going on…There are RULES to follow! Wanna join our sexy party tonight?