Sexy Quiz!  

So, today we’re taking a break from my Horny Slutty Captive story for something completely different…

Finish my sexy quiz (it’s super quick, I promise!) and no matter what you score, you’ll find a sweet, sexy surprise from your girl Stevie at the end!

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take my sexy quiz

So Stevie, what are you into?

I get this question a lot and it’s not easy to answer quickly since I’m into so many things.  And a lot of them seem to be polar opposites as far as kinks go.  Now that you’ve taken my sexy quiz, and since I’m in a sharing mood, I thought this would be a good time to let you know about some of them.  Also, let me know if any of them surprise you!

Tell me YOUR secrets!

First of all, a lot of you already know that I can’t get enough of your secrets!  Because of this, you know I’ll keep them safe, even if I do humiliate you about it… Do you secretly like to wear panties when you jack off for me?  Do you like for me to laugh at your tiny dicklet?  Or do you want to watch your wife get fucked by a guy who is much more of a man than you are?  Or, best of all, do you fantasize about sucking cock?  Lots and lots of cock? Well, I want to know about it!

Bisexual Fantasies

Do you fantasize about cock all the time?  Does it make you rock hard and dripping?  I know you’re dying to tell me how badly you want a big, hard cock in your mouth, how much you want to be used by a big, aggressive man with a huge cock.  But nobody else can know…  You know how much I want to hear all about it!  I’ll keep your secret and I’ll also make your fantasies feel real. I’ll have you on your knees making you suck so many cocks that you will for once be completely satisfied.  Are you ready to get fucked too?  Seems like you do… But it’s your first time?  Don’t worry – I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Similarly, a lot of you guys really love cuckold humiliation! you really do. I can’t get enough of hearing describe how much your wonderfully slutty wives turn you on by fucking men who are so much bigger and stronger than you are. Cuckold phone sex is probably one of my absolute favorite things to talk about and hear about!

Your Tiny Penis

And I want you to tell me all about your below average/small/tiny dick. I hope you’re good at eating pussy because cleaning up a cuckold cream pie is the closest you’re getting to my pussy!

But I can be really nice too!

Do you just need attention from a girl who just wants to please you?  I really like listening to you and I love knowing how you’re really doing.  You’re going to love me because I’m smart, funny and I love making you happy.  Because of this, I’m the best girlfriend you’ve ever had!

And I bet your cock needs some attention.  It’s been way too long since a pretty girl took it in her hand and started stroking.  Maybe it hasn’t been worshiped as much as you deserve lately. Just being on my knees waiting for your permission to please your cock drives me wild and soaks my panties. You’ll see what a cock hungry whore I am!

Are you dominant?  Do you need to show a girl just how aggressive you can be?  You know you can do whatever you want to me. Just promise me you’ll let this cock hungry slut swallow every single drop of your cum…

Role Play

Do you want to be somebody else for a while? I’ll be your naughty secretary, your strict boss, your slutty student or your sexy neighbor… or whatever fun scenario we come up with!

Don’t want to do a role play?  That’s cool. I’ll help you visualize your fantasies in such a vivid and descriptive way that you’ll think it’s real.

Age Play

I’ll be your teasing teen sister you spy on, your sexy stepdaughter who keeps you rock hard all day or your hot Step Mom you can’t stop fantasizing about.

Or, I’ll be your accomplice in more extreme age play. Let’s explore this taboo together!

Mutual Masturbation

And finally, I’ll get out my toys and we’ll get off together. I love nothing more than the sexy moans and sighs a man makes when he’s stroking his cock, and especially while he’s cumming. Or, even better, I’d love to watch you jack that cock on Skype!

Well, that’s just some of them!

take my sexy quiz

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