Scarlet Sadie 

Sexy pirate girl – You’ve heard tell of the historical female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, but have you ever heard the legend of Scarlet Sadie, the Swashbuckling Slut? Well pull up a treasure chest and lend an ear…

A Traitorous Rain

The salt air was bracing on the loins, and the captain called: “All hands on dick!” I looked up to see the seven traitors we captured hanging from the yard arms. As they swung in the breeze, all unbuckled, dropped trou and started strangling their sea chickens. A collective moan leaped out of their grizzled throats as they spurted out rain showers of cum upon the wooden deck. 

I clapped my hands and jumped on the captain’s lap. The crew and I all stuck out our tongues to catch the pearly drops. Captain Randy stuck his hands under my skirts and gave my tight ass a good squeeze. “Be a good sexy pirate girl and swab the deck, love.” “Aye, Captain!” I saluted.

The Cum Hungry Pirate Slut

I dropped down to my hands and knees and keenly licked the cum-covered deck with my talented tongue. My corset was tight and my ample breasts heaved as I licked every last drop. Mickey Coffer the bosun swaggered over and put one wizened hand atop my head. “Sadie the Red,” he said, “While you’re down there, why don’t you get some brine straight from the whalebone?” I needed no more persuading. Mickey dropped his pants, and I sucked his squid so hard that it released its white ink into my hungry pirate mouth. 

Ever since Captain Randy had stolen me from my good ship Libertine Barnacle, he had trained me well to be a cum hungry slut and the best sexy pirate girl. “Now go fetch the gunpowder,” the bosun commanded with a big healthy slap on the ass. “Aye, sir!” I saluted. 

Swashbuckling Striptease

The aft hatch was open, and I climbed down the hole without fear. Drunken James the cook was waiting for me in the galley, trousers around his ankles. “Scarlet Sadie, my love,” he slurred, “Let me feed you your mid-morning snack.” “Yum, sir.” I smacked my big red lips and practically inhaled that giant octopus. 

After he had had his fun with me, Drunken James helped me fetch the gunpowder barrels. “Good girl,” the captain said. He unsheathed his cutlass and had me twirl around and around. The captain seemed to slash the air around me with his long sword. I felt straps popping and fabric shredding. I looked down and the remains of my pirate outfit lay tattered in a heap at my feet. “That’s a good sexy pirate girl,” he growled. I was completely naked!

The Cannon Salute

The crew packed the cannon’s amidships on port and starboard with cannons and gunpowder. Captain Randy said, “Now, girl, Scarlet Sadie, ye swashbuckling slut, you’re going to walk the captain’s plank aren’t ye?” “Yes, sir!” I exclaimed and started walking the quarter deck in front of him, completely naked, my big heavy tits swinging and swaying like buoys in a port town.

The captain took down his pantaloons and raised his main mast. He kept in step with me, caught me from behind, and thrust his full plank into my wet, dripping, little chamber. “Oh you are a sexy pirate girl,” said Captain Randy. “Now this is what I call buried treasure!” 

Ready, Aim, Fire!

The crew had the cannons at the ready, to fire one by one at the captain’s command. “Fire!” the captain called. “Fire, fire, fire!” The cannons shook the deck with their massive blasts. With each command, Captain Randy thrust himself deeper into my pussy. At the last “Fire!” he heaved a ho and unleashed his tidal wave into his good girl’s pirate booty.

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