I used to live next to a few guys who would always say hi to me whenever I saw them outside while working in the yard or walking to my car. I always thought they were super dorky and never thought anything of it. That was until their super hot cousin moved in. He was dreamy and was muscular, tall, dark and super handsome…basically just my type.


As soon as I saw him I knew I wanted him, but there was one minor problem – he had a girlfriend. I’d see her in the driveway picking him up and staying the night because her car was still there in the am. We talked a few times but it was never really anything major since he was always busy coming and going.
Then one day everything changed when he saw me leaving in my skimpiest outfit. I was getting ready to go out and was feeling super confidant that night and was wearing a skin-tight dress that was super short and super revealing. I could practically kiss my boobs if I wanted to. Well anyways, after that night, I noticed he’s always try to find a way to talk to me whenever he saw me outside. He’d ask me about my day and small talk, always looking at my boobs. I decided to take advantage of the situation and started to leave my windows open so that the neighbors could peek in. And it was convenient that his bedroom was facing my kitchen and dining room so I decided to walk around my place naked a few times just to show him what he’s missing. Mind you, he still had that girlfriend.
After a couple of naked walks in my house to no avail, I finally spotted him at the window looking across as I was washing dishes topless. I made it seem as if I didn’t know and tried to play it off as it was the sexiest thing I’d ever done. When I was finished I walked to the dining rooms and let him see my fully naked from the front. I sort of played around and would fondle my boobs a bit just put on a good show.
Next thing I know, he’s at the window naked himself! And he’s stoking his cock (and by the looks of it is quite big). I finally stop faking it and finally turn straight towards the window and start pleasuring myself as well, cupping my breasts in my hands and licking them while I touched my pussy. It must have been going for five minutes because my phone was what interrupted us. I had to get it and that was the end of our naughty escapade.
The next day around the same time, I saw him at the window naked again and could tell he wanted more. Again, he was jacking off and so I decided to give him a little strip tease. When I was finished and left standing naked by the window, I motioned my finger for him to come over to see what he would do. Well no more than three minutes later, my doorbell rang and he was standing outside my door.
I open the door and we don’t speak a word; we both know what we want. He’s in a pair of shorts and a tank and I’m still naked. He grabs me close and slams the door behind him as he kisses me deeply. As we stumble onto the couch, I pop the button off his shorts and he wiggles out of them as I take the tank off. Now we’re both naked and super horny and I whisper in his ear to suck me. He readily obeys and tosses me on the couch to kneel down in front of me. He grabs my legs and places them over his shoulders and starts to kick me softly and then fast as my breath gets heavy and my moans louder. He starts to finger me at the same time while his tongue tickles my clit and I come in seconds. Without a word, he gets up and turns me around to do me doggie style. But before he enters me, he gives me a rim job while still fingering me. I come again and my pussy is literally dripping wet and he finally enters me.
His dick is rock hard and I moan for him to do me harder. He gyrates his hips so hard that my ass is flapping against his thighs as he fucks the crap out of me. Right before he wants to come, he flips me on my back and we go at it in missionary style with my legs wrapped around his body until we both come in unison. Let’s just say, we became really close neighbors after that.
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