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Sexy Pearl Necklace orgasms are naughty as fuck! Here I am going about my day trying to get shit done and go about my day. I am at the post office waiting in a long ass line. I so do not have time for this bullshit. Finding my way sneakily to the back, there are three guys. No one tells me I can so not be back there so what the hell. I give them my items and tell them I really need to speed up this process. They are glancing at one another, hesitating on rejecting me. One of them offers to help me right away. See he is super smart. He helps me and I of course have to so show him my gratitude, right?

In front of the other losers, I strip my shirt off right over my head and drop down to my hands and knees.

My bouncy and full tits are out in my lacy bra.

I so take out his cock and show it to my mouth. A tight wet warm space for it to feel deep pleasure in. His buddies are totally watching as I satisfy his rod. I am going to get a sexy pearl necklace from him. He thrust as I choke upon his rod. My tongue is dancing all around his raging hard erection. It so does not take long before he is pumping my face so balls deep down past my tonsils. He is so showing off now in front of his colleagues. Customer service goes a long way. Their cocks are growing hard and big but too bad I am only going to get the nut of this guy! He pumps and rams himself deep down my throat. I love tasting every bit of his fuck stick. I talk to him while his cock fills my mouth.

“This cock is going to blow a fat load and shower me in it, got it?”

It so does not take long for his cum to start to rise up to the head. His stroking is becoming shallow. His juicy wet sticky nut starts to explode out of the head. There are so much long ropes spitting out of his mushroom head. All of it is plastering right onto my tits, chest, and neck. Some of it is even getting on my face. I am getting the hottest sexy pearl necklace ever from a mailman. Could this be any better than what it is? I love stranger’s cum loads all over me.

Sexy Pearl Necklace is a treat to get and I am so excited to wear it around town. Maybe I should slip him my number so that we can have even more Spit Sex Play. Maybe so in private next time? Fuck or even in more of public space? Either way!

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