All the women in my family grew up wearing pantyhose. I was amazed at how sexy I would feel having such silkiness sticking to my body. I couldn’t help but rub on my legs whenever I would wear them. I noticed one day that my 16 year old nephew was staring at me after I had come straight from to visit my sister. “Auntie you look tired. Do you want a good foot rub? I bet it would make you feel better”, he said with a big wide grin.  “Okay, honey that sounds like a winner. But I’ve got to warn you I’ve been working all day and my feet are sweaty and probably stink.” His eyes lit up and he said. “Oh that’s fine. Just lay back Auntie and put your feet in my lap.” So I did. I noticed that he slid his hand up and down my feet very gently at first. He seemed to like the smoothness of my pantyhose. He massaged the ball of my left foot and I let out a moan and he moaned too. I noticed that he used long strokes gliding from my feet up my calf. He seemed to really like the feel of my stockings. I didn’t mind because my aching feet were finally getting some attention. I leaned back even further on the sofa and relaxed even more. When he laid my left foot in his lap he started the same routine with my right foot. I thought to myself, “I’m going to have to give him a tip.”

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As my left  foot lay comfortably in his lap I could feel his cock growing under the ball of my foot. “Is he getting a hard on?” I looked up and saw the expression of pure joy on his face as he gently massaged each toe. He looked like he wanted to suck my toes. He was breathing heavy and really seemed quite aroused. “My nephew has a foot fetish”, I thought to myself. Oh well, it feels good so why should I say anything. My sister came down stairs and said to her son, “When you finish giving Auntie her foot rub…..remember I’m next.” “Yes maam”, he eagerly replied. “And mom….remember…..keep your pantyhose on”.  “Okay honey”, my sister replied. When I got up from the sofa I noticed that my nephew’s zipper was open. Hmmm…..I wonder what that is that looks so shiny and smooth. Oh no…..he’s wearing….PANTY HOSE.

Written by: Momma GENIE

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