Daddy Loves Us Sweet, Sexy And, Obedient

Daddy loves sweet, obedient, sexy teenagers, especially his sweet and sexy teenager. The sweet age for him is 18 at the max; still somewhat innocent, but with a streak of wildness and stamina. He wanted me to be his teenage princess for the night and I never say no to him, ever.

Daddy told me to be home at a certain time, but of course, I didn’t listen to him, because I got carried away with my friends and came home way too late. He was waiting for me in the living room and was mad at me for missing curfew, mostly he was mad for missing our Daddy, daughter time, as he calls it. I told him I was sorry, but it wasn’t good enough and he ordered me to come to him. I did as I was told and with the looked of disapproval all over his face, Daddy ordered me to my knees. On top of the punishment, I was about to receive, for being late.

I also knew that my skirt was too short and that I was only allowed to wear slutty clothes like this inside the house, so only he could see, but no one else.

I had broken two rules and now Daddy was upset with me. He told me that he was disappointed in me, he ordered me to stand up and then pulled me face down across his lap. He said he told me that I was too young to go out dressed like this, but obviously I hadn’t bothered listening to him. Maybe I needed to learn a lesson. He lifted my skirt up and ran his hand over my firm ass before tugging down my panties. I know it’s wrong but I got so excited when I realized Daddy was going to spank me.

A throbbing started inside me as Daddy raised his hand and quickly brought it down on me. It landed on me with a loud smack and I jumped. He put his arm on my back to hold me down and told me to keep still. He smacked me again and again, telling me that I needed to start acting like an adult. My ass was burning and the pain was making tears sting my eyes but I took it all for Daddy. He kept going until his hand was sore then stopped, pushing me off his lap and onto the floor. I stayed there and looked up at Daddy.

I could see the bulge in his trousers and knew how to make him happy with me.

“Daddy, I’m sorry and I know I need to start acting like an obedient adult. Let me make it up to you.” I reached up and undid his trousers, pulling them down and freeing his dick. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked him, making him moan and lean back. “Do you like this, Daddy?” I asked and he nodded. My hand slid up and down his shaft and a little drop of pre-cum leaked out of his slit. I leaned forward and licked it off him slowly before licking around his head.

That made his dick twitch and I put my lips around it, sucking the tip of it until he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down. I relaxed my throat and he hit the back of it. So I began sucking him as his fingers played with my hair. I could hear him telling me what a good girl I was. Then I went faster, doing it just the way he liked it and he pushed his hips up, eager for me. His moans got louder and I felt him get bigger then my throat was full of cum. I slid him out of my mouth and waited for him to look at me before licking my lips clean.

“I’m sorry about staying out too late. I won’t do it again Daddy and I am sorry for dressing slutty Daddy! I’ll be more obedient.” I said to him, but we both knew I was lying and that’s when Daddy decided to…

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