Did Someone Here Call for a Sexy Mother Daughter Team?

Come now many horny dudes think about fucking a sexy mother daughter duo.  How hot is it to have two sets of almost similar everything delicious right there in your face?  Who can say no to tasty big firm tits, tight ass, or pink candy pussy?  Two for one man coupled with the right scene is enough to drive any man crazy.  Hence here is the story of how everything played out.

It wasn’t a particularly memorable start to the day.  I went over to my girlfriend’s house early in the morning to help her go through some of her old things to sell at an auction.  First of all, I love my friend Kara, but she a total packrat.  This job was not going to be done anytime soon.  I know Kara must have had things she collected here and there amounting to nearly twenty years of collecting.  Rather than flake out, I decided to just help her.

There were many things I would have gladly done instead.  In one of the gigantic piles, I saw some videos.  I decided to go into the house to find out what the video had on its worn disk.  The video was labeled “Home Video”.    Part of me thought of just having Kara look at the video herself.  Still, another more insistent part of me couldn’t resist the urge to see the video.

As a result, I immediately regretted my decision.  In the video, I saw Kara and her daughter Mia both sucking a strange man’s cock.  Mommy and daughter opened their mouths hungrily to take down the man’s big hard shaft.  Just then, Kara walked into the room.  Still, I couldn’t look away.

Kara broke down and explained the sexy mother daughter duo video.

Mia had gone to an audition sometime early last year.  The audition was a grand opportunity to possibly get Mia some exposure in the industry.  Kara and Mia got there hours early and waited in line just to be seen.  They thought about leaving, as the weather was cold.  In short, they just stuck it out until they were called into the room to talk to the casting agent.

Finally, it was time to go in.  Mia shook nervously.  She had waited so long.  Upon entering the room, the casting agent looked her up and down.  What was there not to appreciate?  Mia had it all good looks, long hair, high cheekbones, and a dainty figure.  First, he had Mia pose, then read some lines, then get into some awkward positions on the floor.

Then the man lowered his voice and said he could guarantee a spot for Mia, but first, he must see if she could follow instructions.  Kara hesitated a moment.  On one hand, she got the urge to leave.  However, the part that wanted to leave was a very small part of her.  She wanted to see her daughter succeed.

The man stepped forward and withdrew his cock. 

He told Mia how pretty she was and that if she could take instructions like a good girl she could be on the big screen.  Mia looked scared but determined.  He took down his pants and told Mia to suck on the head of his big juicy dick.  Together with Mommy Mia was able to get the cock into her mouth and sucked on the shaft.

Consequently, it didn’t end there.  The casting agent had Mia spread her legs for him to finger her pussy.  Mommy also joined helping to please the agent in hopes of gaining an advantage.  Finally, the video showed the man fucking Kara from behind.  I watched fixated, in disbelief that my friend had gone beyond her marriage in a desperate attempt to help her daughter.

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