Sexy Maid Cleans Up

“Knock, knock, knock. hello, it’s Genie your maid. I’m coming in to clean your room, sir.” As I walk in the room with my pink and black satin and lace bra with my tits popping out nice and plump and my sexy pink apron I’m hoping to catch him with his pants down. I will bend over to dust and let him see my nice round ass cheeks. I want to get his dick nice and hard because his sexy maid cleans up and I mean clean up. I’ll make a big mess and yes, I will clean you up, baby.

When I enter he’s laying on top of the bed reading a book. But not for long because I know how to get his attention.   “Hello sir, don’t mind me…I’m here to dust the room and sweep up a bit. I promise I won’t disturb you.  Oh, my…. look at all these papers all over the floor…..I guess I need to bend over and pick them up.”

When I bend over I spread my legs wide so that he can see my butt cheeks. I can feel his eyes on me. As I dust the light fixture I can feel his eyes peering at me. Even though I know he’s watching me I pretend to clean. I turn around and come near the small table by his bed.

As I polish the wood I bend over so he can get a good look at these amazing tits of mine.

As he stares at my tits pretending to admire my bra and nervously says, “That’s a pretty color on you.”.  I  flipped my long  hair to one side and put my tits right in his face and answered, “If you like the color of my bra you’ll love the color of my nipples.” I pulled down my pink and black satin and lace bra….popped my huge tits and stuck them right in his face. Once his mouth starting sucking on my beautiful brown nipples…..I started polishing his cock. Oh yes….this sexy maid CLEANS UP!


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